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Grad Info

Information about Grad Ceremony

Thursday, June 6, 6pm - 10pm

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Please read the attached notice for more info:   Grad Info Letter.pdfGrad Info Letter.pdf



Graduation Transitions Program

In order to complete graduation requirements, all Grade 12’s need to complete their Grad Transitions Plan.

This plan consists of three concepts:
1)      Physical Health (Includes 80 hours of Physical Activity)-Part One Due:  November the 30th,2018
2)      Career Exploration (Includes 30 hours of Work Experience)-Part Two Due:  January the 31st,2019
3)      Career and Life transition Plan-Part Three Due:  April 30th,2019
You will not receive a percentage mark for this course.  This course will be a Requirement Met  “RM” course.  You will receive 4 credits towards your graduation plan.
All assignments will be posted on MyBlueprint.  Your first step is to create a MyBlueprint account (see instructions in attachment) Once you have created an account, Ms. Blair will add you to her class “Grad Transitions”  As a student you will need to create a Grad Transition Portfolio.
Assignment One has already been posted!  Please see attachments below. Assignment Two will be posted on December the 1st.  Assignment Three will be posted on February the 1st.
All assignments must be submitted through MyBlueprint only.  If you are having difficulty setting up this account please email Ms. Blair at
Through MyBlueprint you have the flexibility to record, or video your assignments!
I look forward to reading, hearing or viewing your transition plans!
Ms. Blair
Vice-Principal/Grad Transitions Coordinator
1)      How to create a MyBlueprint account
2)      Assignment One (Part One)
3)      Assignment One (Part Two)
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