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International Baccalaureate Program



This is a two-year program (grades 11 - 12) open to students with good academic standing and good reading and verbal skills.  This program focuses on the enrichment and learning skills necessary for post-secondary success. 
There is a global outlook to the coursework and an emphasis on a comprehensive program including Languages, Humanities, Experimental Sciences, and Math.  In recognition of their enhanced content and nature, extra graduation credits are granted for most IB program courses.  Candidates for the IB Diploma are required to become involved in extra-curricular activities and community service.  This program is limited to students meeting selection criteria.


 2018 Schedule of Events

Web - Schedule of Events IB.pdfWeb - Schedule of Events IB.pdf

Application Form

Online Friday, 12 January 2018 by 12:00pm

Please print, complete, and return to Churchill (Main Office or IB Office on the second floor) in an unsealed large envelope.

IB Diploma - Application for Admission 2018.pdfIB Diploma - Application for Admission 2018.pdf

IB Course Descriptions


General Introduction

1-IB Diploma Courses - General Introduction - Booklet.pdf1-IB Diploma Courses - General Introduction - Booklet.pdf

Group 1:

English A Literature.pdfEnglish A Literature.pdf

French A Language and Literature.pdfFrench A Language and Literature.pdf

Chinese A Language and Literature.pdfChinese A Language and Literature.pdf

Group 2: 

 French B.pdfFrench B.pdf

 Japanese ab Initio.pdfJapanese ab Initio.pdf

 Japanese B.pdfJapanese B.pdf

 Languages IB Course.pdfLanguages IB Course.pdf

Group 3:




Group 4:




Group 5:

Mathematics HL.pdfMathematics HL.pdf

Mathematics SL.pdfMathematics SL.pdf

Mathematics Studies SL.pdfMathematics Studies SL.pdf

Group 6:

Film Studies.pdfFilm Studies.pdf


Visual Arts.pdfVisual Arts.pdf


Theory of Knowledge.pdfTheory of Knowledge.pdf