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PAC Contacts

Please consider volunteering to fill one of our vacancies!! Just scroll down...
 Executive PAC Meetings are once a month at the school.  Day TBD
Please continue to attend our monthly general PAC Meetings to ask questions and discuss issues with other parents and school staff representatives.

Main PAC Email address     
Grade 8 Parent Rep               
Grade 9 Parent Rep               
Grade 10 Parent Rep             
Grade 11 Parent Rep             
Grade 12 Parent Rep             
The PAC can also be reached by telephone at (604) 713-8189 and ask for the PAC voicemail or messages can be delivered by hand into the PAC mailbox in the school office.

PAC Executives for 2018-19 school year
Chair - Gurmit Sangha
Vice-Chair   Chris Qiu                           
Treasurer - Karen Kovach
Secretary -  Jenie Chan
Communications -   Christine Hay
Social - Rina Ng, Lia Lindsey, Bobbie Dhillon
School Planning Council -   
Speakers - Jennifer Bradbury, Helen Nichols
Fundraising Coordinator -  Linda Poon, Karen Kovach
ELL Outreach  -  Chris Zhang, Joan Luo
Meeting Coordinator –   Lia Lindsey, Helen Nichols
Volunteer Coordinator - Nonnie Porter
Member At Large -  Rana Singha, Jessie Zhao
Grade 8 Parent Representative Judy Lau
Grade 9 Parent Representative - Cindy Tsong
Grade 10 Parent Representative -  Meiling Fang
Grade 11 Parent Representative - Catherine Astin
Grade 12 Parent Representative - Anita Chui
Vacancies            (to volunteer, just email
We always welcome new members and additional representatives for the School Planning Council (SPC) .