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7055 Heather Street
Vancouver,BC   V6P 3P7
Phone:  604-713-8189
Fax:  604-713-8188
We are beginning preparations for the school exchange with our sister school in Japan.  
We are looking for homestay families to host 23 students from Feb. 12 to 17. 
More information and application forms are available in room 201 and on the 2nd floor hallway. 
Applications are due Dec. 17.
Thanks for your help.
Sarah Wakabayashi
IB Japanese Teacher

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 School Cash Online

The school is now accepting payments online. Click on the "Pay a School Fees" button to the right to pay your school fees.


Fees for Grade 8 students:
                Student Agenda (electronic and book)                   $  9.00
                Student Activity Fee:                                            $25.00
                Lock (for main locker – one-time fee)                     $11.00
                Total required fees                                               $45.00
                Optional: Yearbook                                               $45.00
Fees for Grade 9-12 students:
                                                                       Grades 9-11              Grade 12
                Student Agenda (electronic and book)    $  9.00                   $    9.00
                Student Activity Fee:                             $21.00                   $  21.00
                Grad Fee                                                                           $  80.00
                Lock (for main locker – one-time fee)     $11.00                   $  11.00
                Total required fees                                $41.00                   $121.00
                Optional: Yearbook                                 $45.00                   $45.00
                Grad Dinner/Dance                                                                   TBA
Please note that students are required to use a school-issued lock. 
Students will also need to purchase PE Locks ($11) and strip ($30).  These fees will be coordinated by PE teachers.  Some courses/programs may carry additional fees, which will be coordinated by the classroom teacher(s).

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