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7055 Heather Street

Vancouver,BC   V6P 3P7

Phone:  604-713-8189

Fax:  604-713-8188



SUMMER SCHOOL: 604-713-8195


Tuesday, July 2 to Friday, July 21                    8:00am-2:30pm
Monday, July 24 to Monday, August 7           CLOSED
Tuesday, August 8 to Friday, September 1     8:00am-2:30pm
If you are unsure of office staff availability, please call us before coming to the school.
Counsellors are available on
Tuesday, August 29               9:00am-2:30pm
Wednesday, August 30         9:00am-2:30pm
Thursday, August 31             9:00am-2:30pm
Please note that you will receive a copy of your schedule in your homeroom on the first day of classes.  Schedules will also be available on the portal on Tuesday, September the 5th. Please note the 2017/2018 timetable is very tight.  Teacher preference will not be considered.


FINAL REPORT CARD   (Updated:  June 29, 2017 @ 10:30am)
Your Report card will be on the MyEd Student/Family Portal.
Login:  Your student number
Password:  The one you generated OR if you have never logged on to MyEd, use Chur$2016
If you are in your account, please change the email on the account to reflect your own or your parents/guardians.  This will be linked when you hit the “forgotten my password link”
Scenario #1:              I have forgotten my password and I have not changed the email on the account?
·         The email on this account is set up through your Office 365 email.
Once you click on the “I have forgotten my password link” you will be asked for your primary email.  Use: (PLEASE USE YOUR STUDENT NUMBER) You will then answer the security question you had originally set up.  Once this has been completed the new password will be sent to your office 365 email account.
·         How to access my Office 365 email account?
Open browser URL: or go to the Churchill School Website and click on the Office 365 button at the top of the page.
Password:  your usual VSB password (the password you use to login to the computers at school)
·         Change the email on the account that you use most often
Please change the email on this account to one that you use more readily.  You do so by clicking on the top right-hand corner of the page.  You will see “set preferences” Then click on the tab “security”
Scenario #2:  My account is disabled!
This is the only time you should be emailing Ms. Blair at  Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.
MyEd Account in the Summer
Your MyEd account will be disabled on July 31st.  You will not have access to this account until September the 5th (The first day of classes).  The account will be reactivated and you will use your same login and password that you created. 
Minimum # of Course at each Grade Level
Grade 8 – 8 courses
Grade 9 – 8 courses
Grade 10 – 8 courses
Grade 11 – 7 courses
Grade 12 – 6 courses
Which courses will be included in honour roll calculation
The following courses will all be included in the honour roll calculation:
Courses taken at the homeschool.
Courses taken by x-enrollment at another VSB school (eg Ace-it)
Average % requirement
The ‘Honour Roll’  will be a student ranking by % sorted by grade and by % -schools can decide on the  % cut-off they wish to use.
Must Have Courses
No specific course requirements.  The common requirement for grade 12 students to be taking Eng 12 or Comm 12 excludes many ex ELL students who are a year behind in their English coursework. 
What criteria will be used to exclude students from the honour roll who have met the average % requirement?
Students receiving , 50% or an I in one or more courses would be excluded from the honour roll for that term.
WH = N will not be used to exclude students
Schools will apply their academic honesty policies to exclude students from the honour roll at their discretion.
Which courses are excluded from honour roll calculation?
A course has an articulated curriculum.  Student assessment relates to the curriculum.  Groups of students meet with a teacher regularly in a course.
Courses that do not receive a mark are excluded
Below is a list of courses with their inclusion/exclusion status:
CS   - excluded, not a course
Business Admin Assistant - excluded, not a course
Library Services - excluded, not a course
GT - excluded, no mark
DPA - excluded, no mark
WEX 11 – excluded, no mark
WEX 12 – excluded, no mark until T3
HCE 8/9 – excluded, variable delivery, not universally assessed with a mark
ELL – excluded, no mark (see below for more info about ELL)
AP – all AP marks will count towards the honour roll
SDC – included
Peer Tutoring – included
Honour Roll Certificates will be based on the above criteria set by the Vancouver School Board.  Students will not receive honour roll certificates until the beginning of the school year.  There was not enough time at the end of the school year to process the certificates.  Grade 12’s will have their certificates mailed out.  Please note, that this is the last time Honour Roll Certificates will be issued.  We are working on new ways to recognize student achievement. 
 Have a wonderful summer!







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