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  • Summer 2019
    summer 2019


7055 Heather Street
Vancouver,BC   V6P 3P7
Phone:  604-713-8189
Fax:  604-713-8188
Grad Ceremony Tickets
Each grad receives 2 complimentary tickets to the ceremony.  More tickets are available to purchase in the office for $5 each.

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 School Cash Online

The school is now accepting payments online. Click on the "Pay a School Fees" button to the right to pay your school fees.


Fees for Grade 8 students:
                Student Agenda (electronic and book)                   $  9.00
                Student Activity Fee:                                            $25.00
                Lock (for main locker – one-time fee)                     $11.00
                Total required fees                                               $45.00
                Optional: Yearbook                                               $45.00
Fees for Grade 9-12 students:
                                                                       Grades 9-11              Grade 12
                Student Agenda (electronic and book)    $  9.00                   $    9.00
                Student Activity Fee:                             $21.00                   $  21.00
                Grad Fee                                                                           $  80.00
                Lock (for main locker – one-time fee)     $11.00                   $  11.00
                Total required fees                                $41.00                   $121.00
                Optional: Yearbook                                 $45.00                   $45.00
                Grad Dinner/Dance                                                                   TBA
Please note that students are required to use a school-issued lock. 
Students will also need to purchase PE Locks ($11) and strip ($30).  These fees will be coordinated by PE teachers.  Some courses/programs may carry additional fees, which will be coordinated by the classroom teacher(s).

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