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Administrative & Support Staff Directory

Mr. K. Land, Principal
Grade 12, French Immersion, International Baccalaureate
Mr. A. Humphries, VP
Grade 8, English Language Learners, International, Synergy
Ms. S. Blair, VP
Grade 10, 11, Aboriginal Education, Synergy, Special Ed.
Mr. D. Nicks, VP
Grade 9, Ideal Mini School, Career Prep
Mr. A. LaRock
Grade 9
Mr. M. Lattimer
Grade 8
Mr. M. Johnston
Grade 12
Ms. A. Salter
Grade 11
Ms. G. Lee
Grade 10
Mr. J. Pratt
ELL, Ideal, International students
Multicultural Liaison Workers:
Cecilia Lam
voice mail: 604-713-6000
ext 2382
Chinese Langauges- available on site at Sir Winston Churchill  Tues-Thurs
Room 318D
Aurora Ferrera
​C. Sandoval
​T. Lai
V. Nagpal
South Asian
Settlement Worker:
Ms. K. Choy
J. Choi
Rm 318D
Engaged Immigrant Youth Program Worker:
 A. Ahmad
 After school Tuesdays, Multi purpose room.
Office Personnel:
Mr. E. Suen
Accountant - (re school fees)
Ms. F. Chan
Administrative Assistant
Ms. S. Sengsavanh
Records Clerk
Ms. J. Fenton
Receptionist/ Student Records Assistant/First Aid
School Liaison Officer:
Constable Ben Wong-Moon
Constable Wong-Moon's office is adjacent to the office.