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Code of Conduct

The code of behaviour was developed collaboratively by students and staff.  It consists of the 3 "B's", Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Great.  Each element of the code is presented at assemblies so the children understand the rules.  Each year a signing ceremony is held in which representatives from each class sign a document on behalf of their classmates to uphold the Code of Conduct.
The principal, teachers and support staff of Champlain Annex have agreed upon the following process to address students who misbehave.
Step 1
Staff person will speak directly to the child.  A short time out may be required.
Step 2
The staff person may arrange to see the student outside of class hours to perform some community service or a longer time out.
Step 3
The staff person may call the parent or report the incident to the principal if further action is required.
Step 4
For lunchtime infractions, the student may be asked to eat lunch at home for a period of one week.
In accordance with the School Act, the Vancouver School Board of Trustees authorizes the Principal or Vice-Principal to suspend a student from attendance at school for five days or fewer.
Suspension may be for the following reasons:
  • because a student is willfully disobedient to a teacher or to any other employee of the Board carrying out responsibilities approved by the Board; or
  • because the behaviour of the student has a harmful affect on the character or persons of other students, e.g. physical fighting or name calling.
The authority to suspend students is given to administrative officers (i.e.:  Principal; Vice-Principal)
The Parent or Guardian will be asked to return with their child to make a commitment to improve behaviour.
Please note that if there is a violation of a very serious nature, suspension (Step 5) will be immediate.  Parents are contacted by phone and registered letter.