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Staff Directory

2015/16  Classroom Teachers
Mr. Franco:  Div. 1. Grade 7
Mr. Prevost: Div. 2  Grade 6/7
Mrs. Fourt: Div. 3. Grade 6/7
Ms. Weldon: Div. 4. Grade 4-7  (Support Team: Mr. Varley and Mr. Horton)
Ms. Benedet: Div. 5 Grade 5/6 
Ms. Johnston: Div. 6  Grade 4/5
Mr. Macdonald: Div. 7  Grade 4
Ms. Finnamore: Div. 8   Grade 3  (Mrs. Leigh-Spencer is in class on Mondays)
Ms. Yoshida:  Div. 9   Grade 2/3
Ms. Bernauer: Div. 10  Grade 2
Ms. Maragos/Mrs. Leigh-Spencer: Div. 11 Grade 1 (Ms. Maragos: Mon/Tues Mrs. Leigh-Spencer: Wed/Thur/Fri.)
Ms. Sokukawa: Div. 12 KInd./ Grade 1
Ms. McIntyre/Ms. Mathisen: Div. 13

Resource Team:  Mrs.Low; Ms. Gray; Ms. Ito; Mrs. Milne; Ms. Mathisen and TBD
Library: Ms. Milne       Music Prep and Strings: Ms. Dallyn      
School and Student Support Workers: Mr. Redmond; Mr. Brand; Ms. Smiley;Ms. Pooni; Ms. Friesen;Ms. Roberts 
School Counsellor: Ms. Smith     Youth and Family Worker: Ms. Hobbs    
Reading Recovery: TBD
Aboriginal Enhancement Worker: Ms. Bekkattia
Supervision Aides: Mrs. Nezezon; Mrs. Pears and Mrs. Pope
Engineers: Mr. Kang; Mr. Bhatia and Mr. Paysan