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Staff Directory

2017 - 2018  Classroom Teachers:

Mr. Franco:  Division 1. Grade 6/7
Mrs. Benedet:  Division 2  Grade 5/6
Ms. Mannella:  Division 3 Grade 3/4
Ms. WelwynDivision 4S Grade 4/5  (Support Team: Mr. Varley and Mr. Quiocho)
Ms. Bernauer:  Division 5  Grade 1/2/3
Ms. Yoshida:  Division 6 Kindergarten

Resource Team:
Mrs. Johnston
Ms. Bilg (Tuesday - All day & Thursday mornings)

Library: Mr. Murphy
Prep: Mr. Bernard

School and Student Support Workers: 
Mr. Redmond
Mr. Brand 
Ms. Neibel

School Counsellor: Ms. Snider
Youth and Family Worker: Ms. Hobbs
Aboriginal Enhancement Worker:
Supervision Aide: Mrs. Nezezon
Engineers: Mr. Kang; Mr. Bhatia and Mr. Paysan