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Trades Sampler Tupper Tech

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Tupper Tech students explore various trade​ areas through hands-on experiences 

Program Details​
Tech is a trades transition program designed for academic and career focused Grade 12 students wishing to pursue an apprenticeship.

The program is comprised of two focus areas:

  • ​Residential Construction (Carpentry, Plumbing, Tiling and Finishing)
  • Mechanical Repair (Welding, Automotive, Sheet Metal and Machine Work)

  • ​desire to learn
  • have a great attitude
  • spend a day in the class​
Program Details

September to June​ 

Download a Brochure and Application

Tupper Tech Instructor
604-838-1766                             ​

Application deadline March 8, 2019       ​        ​

Student Success Stories
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Mt Pleasant Build - Inspiring Elementary Students Electrical Apprentice from 
Tupper Tech
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Tupper Tech
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