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Useful websites: Scholarships (2).pdfScholarships.pdf (useful websites to help you search for scholarships)

Grade 12 Scholarships:   
The following describes different types of Scholarships you could apply for in your Grade 12 year: 

Entrance ScholarshipsMost colleges and universities offer entrance scholarships to first year students.  These scholarships can range from $1000 to $30, 000 payable to successful students over a four year period.  Check out the websites and calendars of the post-secondary institutions you plan to attend to find out what awards are offered, and the criteria needed.
Affiliation ScholarshipsThese scholarships depend on a link between you and the sponsoring organization.  These affiliations could range from unions, clubs, or organizations you or your family members belong to.  Talk to your family and ask if any of the organizations they may be affiliated with have scholarships you could apply for.
BursariesA bursary is like a grant.  Bursaries are awarded based on financial need.  Applications can be filled out at financial aid and award offices at the post-secondary institutions you plan to attend.
District Dogwood ScholarshipsThese scholarships worth $1250 are given to graduating students who excel in one of the following areas:  fine arts, applied skills, physical activity, second languages, community service and technical trades training. Teachers will recommend potential scholarship recipients to the school’s Scholarship Committee in the spring.
Secondary School Apprenticeship ScholarshipsStudents in apprenticeship programs can earn $1000 scholarship by successfully completing SSA 11A, 11B, 12A and 12B, maintaining a C+ average or better in their Grade 12 courses and continuing working or training full time in the trade for at least five months after secondary school graduation.
School AwardsThere are a number of scholarships, awards and bursaries that are given away at Lord Byng’s Graduation Ceremony in June.  School awards are based on academic achievement and other criteria provided by the award’s sponsor.  You will need to fill out a current Lord Byng Scholarship application form and submit it to Grade 12 counsellor in the counselling suite in order to be considered for these awards.  Application information will come out after midyear.

LB Scholarship:LB Scholarship 2019.docxLBScholarship application 2019.docx   All grade 12 students are encouraged to fill out the application and hand it in to their Grade 12 counsellor (Ms. Radic) by April 8. ​