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Information & Computer Technology


Information & Computer Technology
AP Computer Science A 12 (ACSC-2A)
Grades: 11 to 12                                                                                  
Prerequisite: 70% or higher in Programming, Advanced
This is an advanced placement course in computer science that will focus on Object-Oriented Programming in the Java programming language. Students who successfully complete this course and achieve a high ranking on the AP exam will get credit for their first-year university computer science course at many Universities. This intensive course is a university level difficulty course in the art and science of programming, and is designed to get you well on your way in a career in Computer Science and Computer Engineering.  Visit Mr. Pelletier’s website for more information:
ICT: Computer Programming 10/11/12: Intro (YCIAS0ASC1/MICTP11SC1/ MICTP12SC1)        
Grades: 10, 11 or 12                                                                           
Prerequisite: None, but a 60% or higher in mathematics is recommended
Beginning Programming is an entirely new, project-based course this year!  I am proud to be teaching Processing, a powerful Java framework that allows us to create beautiful visualizations, work with enormous data sets in real time, and of course, make awesome browser games.  We will write programs work with all sorts of data, everything from creating animations from data to mining social media accounts (for example, we made a program that finds the 100 most recent people to tweet #yolo in a 5km radius around Byng).  And all the while, we will be building a strong programming foundation for higher levels of computer science education. Visit Mr. Pelletier’s website for more information:
ICT: Computer Programming 10/11/12: Advanced (YCIAS0ASC2/MICTP11SC2/ MICTP12SC2)
Grades: 11 or 12                                                                                  
Prerequisite: 60% or higher in Programming Intro
In this class, you will take your programming skills to the next level. First you will learn Java, a powerful programming language, taught at most universities. You will then use your Java programming skills to program virtual tanks in the international AI competition, Robocode.  Finally, you will build and program Lego robots to solve a variety of problems. Your robots will also compete in head-to-head competitions with other students’ robots in events such as robot soccer and sumo wrestling.
If you are interested in taking AP Computer Science, it is recommended that you take this course first to best prepare yourself. Visit Mr. Pelletier’s website for more information:
Information Technology 09/10/11/12
Grades: 9 to 12                                                                                    
Ever wanted to make you own web site or create beautiful artwork on your computer? In this project-based course, you will be introduced to a number of topics, including web design (using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript), graphic design (using Photoshop), video game design (using Scratch).  Visit Mr. Pelletier’s website for more information: