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Information & Computer Technology


Information & Computer Technology courses offered at Lord Byng Secondary School: 

  • Computer Programming, Intro.
  • Computer Programming, Advanced
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science
  • Information Technology   

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Course Description   

AP Computer Science 12 (ACSC-12)
Grades: 11 to 12
Prerequisite: 70% or higher in Programming, Advanced
This is an advanced placement course in computer science that will focus on Object-Oriented Programming in the Java  programming language. Students who successfully complete this course and achieve a high ranking on the AP exam will get  credit for their first-year university computer science course.  This intensive course is a university level difficulty course in the  art and science of programming, and is designed to get you well  on your way in a career in Computer Science and Computer  Engineering.
Computer Programming 10/11/12: Intro
Grades: 10 or 12
Prerequisite: None, but a 60% or higher in mathematics is recommended
Have you ever wanted to build your own video games? Join Mr. Pelletier’s introductory programming class and that is exactly  what you will learn. This project-orientated class will start by  learning how to make 2D video using Scratch. This includes the  class-favourite robot battle arena project, where you make  virtual robots that will battle against other students’ robots.  From here, you will begin to learn about 3D games using Alice, a powerful open-sourced 3D programming environment. We  will also begin to learn about the Java programming language  which is taught in most Computer Science courses at University.  All software used in this class is free to download so that you  can continue working on your projects on your own time.
Computer Programming 10/11/12: Advanced
Grades: 11 or 12
Prerequisite: 60% or higher in PROG1
In this class, you will take your programming skills to the next  level. First you will learn Java, a powerful programming language, taught at most universities. You will then use your Java programming skills to program Lego robots which you build and design yourself. Your robots will compete in head-tohead competitions with other students’ robots in events such as  obstacle courses and sumo wrestling.  If you are interested in taking AP Computer Science, it is recommended that you take this course first to best prepare  yourself.  
Information Technology 09/10/11/12
Grades: 9 to 12
Ever wanted to make you own web site or create beautiful  artwork on your computer? In this project-based course, you  will be introduced to a number of topics in computer  technology, including web design (using Dreamweaver and  HTML/CSS), graphic design (using Photoshop) video game  design (using Scratch), computer animation (using Flash), and  3D graphics (using Blender).