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Business Education


Business Education
Accounting 11 (MAC—11)
Grades: 10 to 12                                                                                  
Prerequisite: None, but basic computer skills are an asset
Money is the lifeblood of any business, and basic knowledge of accounting principles is essential if you are planning a career in business or intend to study business at college or university. By the end of the course you will be able to complete the financial records for a small service company, up to and including preparation of the income statement and balance sheet. Students will also have the opportunity to use a computer software package and will learn the basics of accounting, "the language of business".
Accounting 12 (MACC-12)
Grades: 11 to 12                                                                                  
Prerequisite: Accounting 11
This course will continue on from where the Accounting 11 course left off. This is an excellent course for students planning to pursue post-secondary studies in accounting, finance, or business. Topics in this course include: • Posting • Financial Statements and Accountability • Cash Control and Banking• Accounting for Merchandising Business• Business Organization and Decision Making • Personal income taxes. 
Financial Accounting 12 uses the same workbook as Accounting 11 along with accounting software such as Sage 50 and Quickbooks.
Business Education 10 (MBEG-10)                             
Grades: 9 or 10                                                                                    
In this course you will be presented with opportunities to explore and better understand business concepts and principles related to finance, marketing and entrepreneurship.  You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage personal finances through topics such as banking, budgeting, investing and goal setting.  You will learn about the roles and responsibilities of individuals as consumers and producers and the impact of their decisions on the marketplace.  You will work independently and with others to solve business problems, developing your business communication skills and becoming familiar with available business technology. 
Management Innovation 12 (MMI—12)                     
Grades: 11 or 12                                                                                  
Prerequisite: None but Business Education 10 is helpful
Do you want to be successful in Business? How do I become a great leader? This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and hands on experience required in order to be an effective leader in an ever changing world. You will learn how to assess organizational problems, provide solutions, different types of business structures and organizational culture.
This will include: • Human Resource Management • Hiring Practices and Employee Rights • How to be an effective manager • Running a company through simulation • Ways to motivate employees • Business Etiquette • Corporate Social Responsibility •
You may have the opportunity to meet successful managers in the field, practice interview skills, solve case studies in groups, and reflect on your own entrepreneurial qualities and experiences.
Marketing 11 (MMK—11)                                            
Grades: 11 or 12                                                                                  
Prerequisite: None, but Business Education 10 is helpful.
Marketing is the skill of developing goods and services and moving them from initial planning to the final consumer. In Marketing 11, an introductory course in retail marketing, you will learn the daily operations of a small business, including planning, pricing, distribution and promotion of products or services. Field trips will help you learn about large-scale retail merchandising, and projects will give you the opportunity to create, implement and analyze various marketing strategies.
Marketing 12 (MMK—12)                                            
Grades: 12                                                                                            
Prerequisite: None, but any other senior business course is helpful
Marketing 12 is a course focused on product planning and bringing new products to market. You will learn the art of promotion and “selling the sizzle”. Field trips will help you learn about large-scale merchandising, advertising and sales promotion. We will study national and international marketing, and consider the challenges faced by Canada in the coming years. This course is a good foundation for post-secondary studies in business.