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For a brief description of the departments and courses, please click on the appropriate link on the left. 


Department ​Department Contact ​Email  Address
​Applied Skills ​Mr. B. Erickson
Byng Arts ​ ​Mr. J. Hartley-Folz
Counselling​ Ms. T. Mckay
​Drama/ Theatre ​Ms. J. Mclean
English​ Ms. ​A. Hughes
English Language Learning (ELL) ​Mr. C. Zhang                                  ​ 
Fine Arts​ Mr. J. Hartley-Folz ​
​Library ​Ms. M. Rezler
​Modern Languages ​Ms. P. Violi
Music (Band) ​ ​Mr. S. MacLennan
Music (Strings) ​ ​Ms. O. Kurth
Music (Choir) ​Ms. L. Lan
​Physical Education

​Mr. K. Sandher ( Dept Head ) &   (Athletic Director)
​Science Ms. ​M. Snell
Social Studies ​ Mr. A. Johnston ​




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