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Home Economics

Foods and Nutrition 08 (MFDN-08)
Textiles 08 (MTXT-08)                                                  
Grades: 8                                                       
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA
All Grade 8’s will take the Applied Skills 8 Survey Program. This course will give students a variety of learning experiences in several areas of practical arts. The Home Economics portion of this course will cover one or more of the following areas of study: Foods and Nutrition, Fibre Arts, or Clothing and Textiles.
In Foods and Nutrition 8, students will develop skills in basic food preparation. Good eating habits and nutrition are emphasized throughout the course. Students also develop skills in cooperation and working within groups during practical foods labs. In Fibre Arts and Clothing and Textiles 8, students will construct a small craft project. Students will develop confidence in the use and control of the sewing machine and learn basic sewing construction.
Foods and Nutrition 9 (MFDN-09)                                 
Grades: 9                                                                                               
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA
This is an introductory course in foods and nutrition. This course gives students a wide range of experiences in basic food preparation, while learning about the foods and cultures of a variety of countries and around the world. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snack foods are prepared. Good nutrition, as well as the importance of good preparation techniques, meal planning and service, food storage and food safety are highlighted.
Foods and Nutrition 10 (MFDN-10)                               
Grades: 10
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA - aprons may be purchased 
Culinary science is the focus of this course in foods and nutrition. Students will gain knowledge and skills in the art and science of how ingredients work and interact together. There will also be a focus on the significance of all nutrients in our diet. Through practical lab experiences, individual and group work, students will gain confidence in becoming a better, creative cook. 
Foods and Nutrition 11/12:  Senior B (2016-2017) Celebrations (MFDN-11/MFDN-12)         
Grades: 11 or 12 
Prerequisite:  Foods and Nutrition 9 and 10 preferred
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA
The theme for this course is “Food for Celebrations and Entertaining”. Students will prepare foods from around the world and will have many opportunities to practice culinary skills. This course is intended to provide you with ‘recipes for life’, with further experiences in acquiring knowledge and skills that you will need to make safe, nutritionally balanced meals and to make informed decisions about the food you buy and consume. This course also includes FoodSafe certification.
Foods and Nutrition 11/12: Senior A (2017-2018) On My Own (MFDN-11/MFDN-12)
Grades: 11 or 12                                                                                    
Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition 9 and 10 preferred
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA
The theme for this Senior Foods course is “On My Own”. The focus is to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy food choices as an independent young adult. Personal food habits & choices, feeding others, budget & time restrictions, food safety, and special occasions are addressed. Advanced cooking techniques are used. Experimentation with a variety of unfamiliar foods is encouraged
BA Psychology 11 (YPSYC1A)
Grades: 11 or 12                                                                                  
Psychology 11 is an introductory course that is intended to give an overview of psychology. Students will explore the brain and its functions, multiple personality disorder and other aspects of abnormal psychology, dreams, and states of consciousness, stress and effects of mental illness to name a few. This is an opportunity for students to learn about the mind and behaviour and the role it plays in their lives.
Studio Arts 11/12: Fabric & Fibre Textile Arts and Crafts 11/12 (MSAFF11/MSAFF12)         
Grades: 11 or 12                                                                                  
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA  
Building on your knowledge and skills acquired in Grade 8 Fibre Arts or Clothing and Textiles, you will plan and create functional and decorative one-of-a-kind items. Projects depend on student interest and current trends. Emphasis is on working with textile fibres so projects and skills may include knitting, quilting, toy making, embellishing with embroidery, fabric paint, and appliqué.
Textiles 09/10/11/12: Year 1
Grades: 9 to 12                                                                                    
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA
This is an introductory course in Clothing and Textiles for students in Grades 9 – 12 who have had little or no previous experience in clothing construction. Students will construct at least 3 garments with commercial patterns, giving them an opportunity to learn basic construction techniques and methods of pattern alterations. Projects are selected according to the student’s sewing ability, personal lifestyle, wardrobe needs, and current fashion trends. Students will also have the opportunity to explore textile items from a variety of cultures.
Textiles 10/11/12: Year 2
Grades: 10 to 12                                                                                  
Prerequisite: Clothing and Textiles intro
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA
This is a course for students who have completed Year 1 or HE10. Students have knowledge of basic construction techniques and would like to improve their sewing skills. Students will be encouraged to try more challenging patterns in order to build on their knowledge and understanding of construction techniques. Projects vary based on student interest. Project possibilities include lined jackets, outdoor wear, and formal dresses.
Textiles 11/12: Year 3 (MTXT-11SC3/MTXT-12SC3)       
Grades: 11 or 12                                                                                  
Prerequisite: Clothing and Textiles Intermediate
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA
This is a course for students who have completed Year 2 or Textile Studies 11. (Students with at least 2 years sewing experience may also take this course with the consent of the teacher.) The focus will be on advanced sewing techniques that may include pattern drafting, designing one’s own garment, tailoring, working with challenging fabrics, and exploring fashion design principles.
Textiles 12: Level 4 (MTXT-12SC4)                               
Grades: 12                                                                                            
Prerequisite: Clothing and Textiles Advanced
Supplemental Supplies: $TBA
Further Senior Textile Studies classes for very advanced students are available. Please see instructor for details.