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Please see new informative video about the vaping phenomenon and youth: 

Talking with Your Teen About Vaping - A Tip Sheet for Parents



Students are not permitted to use a vape device at Lord Byng school. All students have been informed that vaping is not permitted in the school, on the school property or while attending any Vancouver School Events – including but not limited to athletic events and any Field Trips – local, regional, national or international. Parents and Guardians, we ask that you discuss vaping with your student(s).

Any student caught vaping will be brought to the office and the device will be confiscated. The administration will call parents/guardians to pick-up the student, and if they wish to also claim the vaping paraphernalia. We will take an educational approach with all students (see below), and VSB Administrative Procedures regarding progressive discipline will apply. Students choosing to vape at school may be suspended; they may also be jeopardizing scholarship awards and permission to play on school athletic teams, to attend sporting events, and/or to participate in school related field trips.
Ted Holkestad, our Lord Byng School Age Children and Youth (SACY) worker is helping to educate our students about vaping. He’s asked that we share the following information:

Perceived as safer alternative to smoking cigarettes or to (to quit smoking)
Curiosity, Experimentation, Social connection, Peer influence, Identity and/or 
Reputation, Expressing
independence, Coping strategy
Concerns from Byng community and Staff:
Negative Health Impacts, Reinforces Smoking Culture, Addiction


Frequently asked question: Is It Safe? A Good Question, though, is it safer than what? Vaping is not harmless, and it is not safer than not vaping. Vaping is not a healthy choice for a non-smoker ...

 Nicotine Risks:

 Addiction is a real concern with nicotine, especially when entwined with social and emotional  needs.
·    Vaping is perceived as a subtler experience than cigarettes (i.e.: less odour, less smoke)   while at the same time some devices are designed to deliver very high doses of nicotine
·     High levels of nicotine can negatively impact anyone

Cannabis Use in Vape devices:
·         Cannabis is a psychoactive substance and carries risk factors whether vaped or used in other forms
·     During the years of adolescent development (brain development, social/emotional development, character development, habit development) psychoactive substances are better put off for the future

Response from Byng Secondary:

Education and Health Promotion, as well as enforcement of school and VSB rules regarding the use of  vaping devices at school-
·         SACY Worker classroom visits for Grade 8 & 9s (I've already booked a number of these)
·      Information at Grade assemblies
·      Encourage healthy living !!!

We support students interests in healthy activities !!!

Ted’s door is open and he’s here to help students with their decision making process

Vaping Related Resources:

 -  Regular vapers are more likely to use other substances in the past 30 days than non-regular or never vapers.

Ted Holkestad