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Grade 8

  For more information about the Grade 8 program, please refer to our program booklet

 1819 Grade 8 Program Booklet.pdf1819 Grade 8 Program Booklet.pdf   

Grade 8 students enrolled in the different programs take these courses: 

​Regular ​Byng Arts ​ELL
English​ ​Byng Arts English ​ELL Literature
Social Studies​ ​Byng Arts Social Studies ​ELL Social Studies
Science ​ ​Byng Arts Science ​ELL Science
French​ ​French or Another Fine Art ​ELL Writing
Mathematics ​ ​Mathematics ​Mathematics
Physical Education ​ ​ Physical Education ​Physical Education
Fine Art ​ ​Fine Art Specialty ​Visual Arts or Music
Applied Skills ​ ​Byng Arts Applied Skills ​ELL Applied Skills
Grade 8 students also participate in an Applied Skills rotation that rotates with each term.  

 Applied Skills 8 Rotation  2018-2019 

 Rotation 1 ​ ​    September 6 - October 17​
Rotation 2​ ​    October 22 - November 29
Rotation 3​     December 3 - January 22
 Rotation 4 ​ January 24  - March 7
​Rotation 5 March 11  - May 3
​Rotation 6 ​May 7  - June 20

Grade 8 Camp 

Early in the year all grade 8's participate in a 2 day retreat held at Camp Stillwood. While this is an optional event, all grade 8's are encouraged to attend because part of the Grade 8 Career and Personal Planning program will also be presented at this time. Students choosing not to attend camp will have to do a make-up assignment on their own time. New friendships that last throughout high school are formed along with an opportunity to meet teachers, peer counsellors and support staff.

Grade 8 Assembly by Peer Counsellors 


Grade 8 Counsellor Message