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Grade 8


Grade 8 students also participate in an Applied Skills rotation that rotates with each term.  

 Applied Skills 8 Rotation  2018-2019 

 Rotation 1     September 6 - October 17
Rotation 2     October 22 - November 29
Rotation 3     December 3 - January 22
 Rotation 4 January 24  - March 7
Rotation 5 March 11  - May 3
Rotation 6 May 7  - June 20

Course Planning For Current Grade 8 Students  

Ms. Smith, Grade 8 Counsellor, will be meeting with Grade 8 English classes in the Library Computer Lab to do course planning from January 30th- February 13th.  English Teachers know when to accompany students to the Library Computer Lab.  If you are absent that day, please see Ms. Smith (room 217D in the Counselling suite) re scheduling another course planning time.
Please note, all completed course planning contracts are due to Ms. Smith by February 22nd, 2019.  Please remember to include student, parent signature, date, AND your 3 Alternate electives at the bottom of your sheet.  Please DO NOT enter your alternates into MyEd.
The following information and handouts are provided to assist students:
1.   The PDF of Ms. Smith’s Course Planning Information PowerPoint. Students are encouraged to review this information carefully given class time is limited.
2.   The specific Course Planning Sheet meant for you (i.e. Regular students, Byng Arts students, or ELL students) to do rough work on. Please submit the colored sheet Ms. Smith provided you in English class.
3.   The Elective Reference Sheet with page numbers on where to find information about each elective course.
4.   The Lord Byng Course Calendar can be accessed on our school website.  See recent publications or student tab, course calendar.   

Grade 8 Assembly by Peer Counsellors 


Grade 8 Counsellor Message