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Grade 11

Grade 11 Information   

Advanced Placement Courses & Exams  

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program of college-level courses and exams for secondary school students. AP courses challenge interested students by providing exciting in-depth opportunities. The standards, curricula and exams are set by the American College Board. These courses also provide an opportunity for students to distinguish themselves for their academic excellence and enhance their opportunities for entrance scholarships to universities.   
Find out why you should consider signing up for AP courses or writing AP exams, or contact your Counsellor. 
The dates are set by the College Board. Details can be found on the College Board Website. 
For more information, please visit
Byng students have typically participated in these exams: 
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP English Literature / Composition  
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Studio Art  
  • AP French  

 Students who wish to write are required to pay the examination fee.  


New!  BC Dogwood Planner

The Ministry of Education, Student Certification Branch, has developed the new BC Dogwood Planner, an annual document published in January for students in Grade 12. The BC Dogwood Planner is a companion document of the Grad Planner addressing the top questions from students in their graduation year. We encourage schools to share this document in print or online form with their Grade 12 students. The link for the BC Dogwood Planner is:​

Provincial Scholarships Program

The Ministry of Education has completed the review and redesign of the Provincial Scholarships Program.
The report of findings and recommendations is now available at:
·     The redesigned program’s purpose is to recognize student achievement and encourage students to pursue post-secondary education.
·     Achievement will be recognized using broader criteria, beyond exam scores.
·     Scholarship amounts will be increased and all scholarships will be vouchers that may be redeemed upon registration and attendance at a designated post-secondary institution or an authorized trades training provider.
Any questions can be directed to​