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Grade 12 Information




Ms. Smith urges you to carefully read through the useful and important Gr. 12 information on the following links AND   to scroll down for other information items:  

 1.   Grad Planner 2017-18.pdf
 2.   Education PlannerBC​

         (new 2017/18  version will be coming out soon and will be updated on this website)
 4.    Scholarships Canada   
Also, please check out the scholarship opportunities on our Ministry Of Education’s website: 


Career Information Evening Session Oct 17, 2017



Post Secondary Admissions Information  

2017-18 BC PSI admissions _no IB info.pdf2017-18 BC PSI admissions _no IB info.pdf 


Important Reminder to Grade 12’s wanting a reference letter, scholarship, or Common App recommendation from Ms. Smith


Ms. Smith needs your properly organized portfolio plus a minimum of two full work weeks’ notice for a reference letter or any written recommendation.

Please note:  If students submit their properly organized portfolio exactly two weeks prior to a deadline, Ms. Smith’s letter will likely be unhelpful to their cause.  In other words, students should put forth their requests well in advance to any deadline date for high quality helpful letters.


Grade 12 Student Transcript Service (STS) Update 

The Ministry of Education has advised that First Term marks will not be on the Transcripts from the Ministry website.  Therefore, the Student Transcript Service (STS) should not be used at this time to send Transcripts to post-secondary institutions. 

Grade 12 students will need to request a Diploma Verification Report (DVR) from the Records Clerk, Ms. Dowell, if they require a paper copy of their Transcript.  Request forms are available in the school office. 

Please note, Ms. Dowell will need at least four working days notice to generate a DVR. ​ 


 Grade 12 – Transcript Verification Reports (TVR’s)

Ms. Smith will be asking all Grade 12’s to verify their transcripts during English classes on Thursday, November 30th and Monday, December 4thAll Grade 12 students must have a record of their final Grade 10, 11, and any completed Gr. 12 marks with them for this important session. 
In addition to verifying their final Gr. 10,11, &12 grades, students will need to ensure their personal information (legal name, address, postal code, birth date, and citizenship) is accurate on their TVR.
Students who are not enrolled in an English 12 class at Byng must book an appointment to see Ms. Smith by Monday, December 11th.

All final grade 10, 11, and 12 marks will be needed for your Guidance 12 class starting  Tuesday, November 28 & Wednesday November 29. You must have all final marks with you when I come into your English 12 or First Peoples English 12 class.  Please ensure you include all final on-line Gr. 10-12 course and summer school marks as well. 
To gather these final marks you can either use your past report cards or go to the Ministry of Education’s Transcripts and Certificate website at To register for the Student Transcript Service (STS) you will need: your personal education number (PEN 9 digits on the top of your past report cards); your full legal name; your date of birth; and your email address.    

 Important websites please click on links:

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