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Grade 12s please join FB closed group Counselling Opportunities & Notices.  Counselling Radic (a.k.a. Ms. Radic) will be posting various information: post-secondary opportunities, scholarships, job opportunities, volunteering opportunities, school activities and events, etc ...

Grad Ceremony Info  

Reminder to Graduates to please arrive at the Chan Centre on Monday, June 3rd at 9am for the Grad Ceremony Rehearsal, the rehearsal will run until approximately 11am.
All Graduates need to return to the Chan Centre at 3:15pm for the Ceremony.
Reminder to students/parents/guests that if a ticket is lost, new ones will need to be repurchased at the door (if tickets are still available). If not tickets are available, guests will be directed to wait in the standby line and will be seated at an appropriate time.   Grad Rehearsal 2019.pdfGrad Rehearsal 2019.pdf

Byng Grad Events  

Lord Byng Grad Events: our school has two school related events – 
1.) Lord Byng School Leaving Graduation Ceremonies on June 3rd
2.) Lord Byng Dinner Dance on June 7th followed by the Lord Byng Grad Parent Dry Grad at the school.
There are no other school sanctioned or organized Grad events except a BBQ organized by the School Administrators after the Grade 12 English Language Arts Exam.

 Online Marks for Graduation  

An important email sent on behalf of Geoff Taylor, Byng Principal
To All Students/Families taking online courses that they wish to have appear in the Provincial Transcript for Graduation:
You are advised that all in most cases Online Schools will need all assignments completed & submitted by June 2nd, for this mark to be included in their transcripts. If you’re in a VLN course, please adhere to this deadline. If you’re using a different online platform, please check with your provider immediately.
If your online mark misses Lord Byng’s final data submission to the Ministry of Education, you may be listed as a Non-Grad.  This means
  • You will not receive a diploma
  • Your post-secondary application may be revoked
  • You may be disqualified from scholarships
Therefore, we strongly recommend that all students taking courses at VLN and/or other online schools, complete all courses by June 2nd to allow time for marking.
Geoff Taylor

Grad Transitions 2019 / Capstone 2020 

REMINDER: Grad requirements: Grad Transitions (2018-2019); Career-Life Connections (CLC) with Capstone (2019-2020)
All current Byng Grade 12 students must complete Grad Transitions and hand it in to the office before June 14, in order to earn their high school diploma in BC. (Do it if you wish to graduate this school year.)
If you’re in Grade 12 and have not yet completed and handed in your GT, you may wish to register for GT online at VLN, before the end of June, with the hope of finishing sometime over the next year. (In most cases, you won’t be eligible for post-secondary admission until you complete GT.) Students who haven’t completed GT will be on the CLC/Capstone path, and not officially graduating until they complete both CLC and a Capstone Project.
Current Grade 11s should note that we are not offering Capstone and Career-Life Connections (CLC) for next school year’s Grade 12s on our Lord Byng timetable in 2019-2020. It is highly recommended that Current Byng Grade 11 students complete Grad Transitions (GT) this school year, by getting all their GT work done and turned into the school office before FINAL DEADLINE TO HAND IN GT TO OFFICE June 14, 2019.
Any Grade 11 student who completes GT before June 14 will not have to complete CLC and Capstone in 2019-2020, as GT meets that BC graduation requirement. GT is not available in our school after this school year, and not available for registration in any school after July 1st, 2019.
NOTE: Current Lord Byng Grade 11 students who do not finish Grad Transitions (GT) by June 14th, 2019 may register for GT in VLN BEFORE the end of June 2019, and complete the online VLN GT course during their Grade 12 year. Registering for GT in VLN before the end of June is the last opportunity for any Byng student (currently Gr. 11 or 12) to complete GT rather than completing CLC and Capstone.
Current Byng Grade 11 students and/or new 2019-2020 Byng Gr. 12 students who have not completed GT before the end of June 2019, and do not register in GT with VLN before the end of June 2019, should register for CLC and Capstone through VLN after July 1, 2019, as we’re not able to offer these courses for Grade 12 students at Lord Byng in the 2019/2020 school year. Only our 2019-2020 Grade 11 students are in CLC for 2019-2020, due to staffing constraints. 

August Provincial Exam Re-Writes for VSB Students  

Students planning to re-write EN 12, COM 12 or EFP 12 provincial exams in August must register at the Education Centre’s Summer School Office by Friday, June 28th 2019.  More information can be found in the 2 page attachment. 
Students who are certain to fail English 12 or Communication 12 and are under 19 years of age on June 30, 2019 can be directed to take Completion English Studies 12 at Summer School with a Letter of Permission from a school administrator.  Please see attached link: