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Learning Assistance / Life Skills


The Learning Assistance / Life Skills class is a district program for students with special needs, who would benefit from a more supported program  

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Learning Assistance / Life Skills 

The focus of the program is to help students develop the following skills: 

  •  Social skills
  •  Independence at home, community and school
  •  Confidence and self-esteem 
  •  Reading and arithmetic required for daily living 
A commitment from parents to follow through with agreed-upon program goals is imperative if each student is to achieve independence, an awareness of one's self and the community and development to the student's fullest potential.
Students can remain in the Learning Assistance/Life Skills program through the age of 19. Upon reaching the age of 19 the student will earn a school leaving certificate instead of a Dogwood certificate

Life Skills 1 Program

The Life Skills 1 class is composed of students with a variety of developmental disabilities including Autism, Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. The students in our program range from grade eight through grade twelve.
Our primary goal is to nurture and develop as much independence as possible in our students using both community and school based instruction. Each student has an independent program designed to meet his or her individual needs. The scope of our program covers the following areas: functional academics; language and communication; physical education; community awareness; and social skill development.
Our objectives are to education students through integrative activities and help them function in and adapt to typical social and community environments. It is through guided access to a full range of community venues that our students gain the knowledge and self-confidence to participate as full members of our community.