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    Online Marks for Graduation

    May 17, 2019

       An important email sent on behalf of Geoff Taylor, Byng Principal

    To All Students/Families taking online courses that they wish to have appear in the Provincial Transcript for Graduation:
    You are advised that all in most cases Online Schools will need all assignments completed & submitted by June 2nd, for this mark to be included in their transcripts. If you’re in a VLN course, please adhere to this deadline. If you’re using a different online platform, please check with your provider immediately.
    If your online mark misses Lord Byng’s final data submission to the Ministry of Education, you may be listed as a Non-Grad.  This means
    • You will not receive a diploma
    • Your post-secondary application may be revoked
    • You may be disqualified from scholarships
    Therefore, we strongly recommend that all students taking courses at VLN and/or other online schools, complete all courses by June 2nd to allow time for marking.
    Geoff Taylor