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    Oct 10, 2018

    Dear Grades 11 and 12 Parents,
    On October 9th, all Grade 11 and 12 Byng students participated in a mandatory assembly to learn about Graduation Transitions: 2019
    Completion of BC Graduation Transitions 12 course, is required for Graduation in June 2019. It is a requirement for Graduation in 2019. At Lord Byng our teachers have developed a comprehensive and fairly simple model of Grad Transitions: one which has seen hundreds and hundreds of Byng students complete and graduate successfully. It’s great and it’s simple. Please see
    As this is the last year of Grad Transitions and the replacement Capstone Project for Grads in June 2020 is not yet fully developed, we’re letting Grade 11 students this year join our Grade 12s in completing the Grad Transitions program – in 2018-2019. If students in Grade 11 want to do this, they will need to finish all the assignments by April 2019, and turn all necessary assignments and documentation in to Mr. Mike Vulgaris, Vice Principal in charge of Grad Transitions. We will have boxes in the office for this purpose. Note: we have already pre-registered our Grade 11s for Grad Transitions, so it will appear on the report card, just as it does for our Grade 12s.
    Grade 12 students MUST complete Grad Transitions this year, by April 2019, in order to Graduate. Grade 11 students have this opportunity as an option – but only this school year. Any Grade 11 student not completing the Grad Transitions Program this school year will be completing a different program based on the new BC curriculum, involving a “Capstone Project” as a part of the new Career Life Curriculum: . As so many details of the new Career Life curriculum are not yet clarified, we think it prudent to allow both our Grade 11s and 12s the opportunity to do Grad Transitions. Please speak to your students about this, whether they be in Grade 11 or 12.
    Stay tuned for updates and deadlines from Mr. Vulgaris!
    Please contact Mr. Vulgaris with any questions/concerns that you may have.  Use "Grad Transitions" in the subject line.