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    Byngwear and Gradwear “Last Chance” One Week Sale on Now!

    Dec 4, 2017
    The first October order of Byngwear and Gradwear clothing came into the school last week and was distributed to the students who ordered items. Subsequently, Mr. Johnston has received a number of student requests for another order.
    As a result, the Grad Committee is offering a Byngwear and Gradwear "Last Chance" One Week Sale which will be for the week of December 4th to December 11th.  
    In-school order forms (colored Elvis blue Xmas blue) can be picked up in the Main Office or from
    Mr. Johnston in Room 309. Online order forms can be downloaded from the school website link in the School Announcements section. Pictures of the clothing can also be viewed by checking out the school website link. Sizing samples are available from Mr. Johnston in Room 309.
    This is only a one week sale and will definitely end at 3:15 p.m. on Monday, December 11th. There should be a quick turn around time between orders sent and the clothing arrival date. The clothing items should be ready for pick-up early in the New Year by the second week of January, 2018.
    All order forms plus payments (cheques may be made out to Lord Byng Secondary Schoolmust be returned to Mr. Johnston in Room 309 as there will not be a deposit box available in the office this time. This is the last opportunity this school calendar year to obtain the Byng school apparel so don't delay get some "Byng" apparel today!