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    Traffic Safety

    Jan 7, 2019
    Traffic SafetyPlease be very cautious when driving around our school. We need keep access to the school safe for everyone. Drop off and pick up of students should not block the streets or the entrance to our parking lot. The further away from the school the safer for everyone. If you’re near the school you may drop-off Lord Byng students on Wallace or out in front of the school, on 16th, but please do not come into the school parking lot or in any way block the entrances to our school.
    Avoid pick-up or drop-off of students along Crown, or anywhere near the elementary school. If you’re in the car waiting to pick up a student after school, please do so as far from our school zones as possible. We’ve had a number of dangerous traffic incidents with students, especially in the congestion around the elementary school. Police and Bylaw Enforcement will be coming to help us alleviate the dangers of traffic around our school. Please remember to be careful, and adhere to all the traffic laws and parking bylaws. During school hours,  pick-up and drop-off of Byng students in the staff parking lot area is not permitted.
    Thank you for helping us to keep the students safe.
    Please see PDF file for Chinese translation:  交通安全 (2).pdf交通安全 (2).pdf