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    School Fees - School Day

    Sep 5, 2017

    School Fees 2017-2018
    School-Day - School Fees Online Payment ​  
    Please pay your General School Fee online after September 5th with our online payment program
    School-Day.  Standard Supplemental Fee can also be paid online upon instruction given by each subject teacher in class within the first two weeks of September.    
    New users for School-Day, please visit and click ‘Register’.  Once you’ve created a School-Day account you will need to add your student’s information:
    Click ‘Add a Child to your Account’ and select the ‘Electronic Authentication’ link.
    Register your child electronically by filling in their unique student information. You must complete all fields:
        School Board  
        School Name
       Student’s Full Name
       Student’s Date of Birth
       Student ID – Your student’s ID Number as found on their school timetable document
       Student’s Current Grade
    Once complete, click ‘Register’ and you will have access to your child’s school information.
    Students who have been using School-Day please log in to pay your 2017-2018 General School Fee and   all outstanding balance owing (if any) carried forward from 2016-2017 School Year.
    If online payment is not an option we still accept cash or cheque payment after September 5th at the school office but we strongly encourage parents to use the online option.
    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Chan in the office:
    Email address:
    Telephone no:   604-713-8171