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Mission Statement

At Lord Byng Secondary School we provide a safe learning community that enables students to challenge their intellectual and creative abilities and allows them to meet their full potential as citizens. 



Our aim is to create a learning environment that
  • fosters responsibility and accountability, fosters responsibility and accountability,
  • addresses varied learning styles,
  • encourages development of good communication skills,
  • promotes physical, emotional and social well-being,
  • develops an appreciation of the value and importance of lifelong learning,
  • helps students to become adaptable in an ever-changing world.

At Lord Byng Secondary we work to build a supportive and positive rapport between students, staff and the community by creating a sense of belonging, pride and school spirit.


Goal # 1:  To strengthen learning, engagement and pride and in our school community. 


  • To improve students' connection to the classroom, to the school and to the community.
  • To support the development of positive mental health and balance in our community.
  • To promote the development of non-cognitive skills (self-control, optimism, curiosity, persistence) , a sense of passion and purpose, and a resilient, growth mindset at Byng. 
  • To engage students intellectually in learning that is relevant, authentic and meaninful to them. 
Goal # 2:  To increase knowledge, acceptance, empathy, awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal   histories, traditions, cultures and contributions among all members of our school community.     

The Lord Byng School Planning Council will continue to involve parents, staff and students in the development and continuous review of school goals and objectives. 

Lord Byng School Profile

Please see attached.   LB School Profile .pdfLB School Profile .pdf