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Programs and Services

Community Link Programs
            Graham Bruce School-Age Care Centre (Collingwood) 604-713-5586
                 (Music, Science Experiments, Arts &Crafts, Bookworms Reading Club, Homework Helpers & Fastbreak Soccer)
            Buddy Program – for ESL students and friends afterschool
            Ready, Set, Learn – for children 2-5 years old
            Welcome to Kindergarten – for new students coming in September
In School
                        Hot Lunch Friday Program – New York Foods
                        Farm to School Salad Bar – Golden Feast (seasonal)
                        BC School Fruit and Veggies Nutritional Program
                        School Milk BC Program
                        Monthly Special Lunch Days – sushi, pizza or hot dogs
                        Band for grades 6-7 students (optional)
                        Rollerblading – school wide for 2 weeks (January)
                        Hip Hop Dancing Workshop and Performance Week (May)
                        UBC Farm: Landed Learners – one class participates in this year-round program