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All parents of Bruce children are members of the PAC and encouraged to participate at the
school activities and events. The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) welcomes all parents to
PAC meetings. Research emphasizes many lasting benefits created by parent involvement
and support for the school. The partnership between parents and staff your child’s education
is valued at Bruce. Respectful, on-going communication is important between parents and
staff to support the academic, physical and social/emotional growth of each child.

Parents please use the link below to access the new PAC website:


Monday, May 8,  2017 at 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. in the Staffroom.  Child minding available for children aged 5 to 12 during PAC meetings.

Parent Advisory Council Contacts 
(at Bruce - 604-713-4778)
Chairpersons – Melvin Lee and Melanie Cheng (

Past Chair and Special Advisor – Dave Lambert

Secretary - Anjula Joshi/Rosanne Lambert

Treasurer – Jennifer Yong

Members at Large - ​Jennifer Yong, Vince Sharma, Priscilla & Bill Deer, Tammy Lee, Melanie Hussin, Sami Ulhaq, Jitesh Rana, Cristine Estrada, Tiago Maximo and Natalia Maximo

Reporting to Parents and Guardians
The Ministry of Education requires three formal reports and two informal reports be given to
parents/guardians each school year. At Bruce, student-led parent/teacher conferences are
held on two afternoons and evenings following the fall and winter formal reports. Multicultural
workers/translators are available to interpret in most languages.

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