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Brock is very proud of its sports teams! Brock staff are currently sharing responsibility for our school sports and  we encourage all students to get involved in one of more of these great school programs.   If you have coaching skills and are able to volunteer your time to help our teacher sponsors, we'd love to hear from you!  If you would like to be a volunteer driver, please ensure that you have read and agreed (by signing) to the Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Students document.  You will also need to complete a Volunteer Driver Registration form.  This form must be kept in your car and needs to be signed by Ms. Hughes before you are able to drive students to and from events.  Thank you.


Cross-Country (M.Doucet - lead coach)

September - October.

Cross Country has finished for the season and will start again in the fall.



Volleyball  (M. Doucet - lead coach/organizer)

Volleyball has finished for the season.  Check back in the fall of 2017 for next season's information.







Basketball (M. Doucet and Mrs. MacIntyre - teacher sponsors)

Basketball has finished for the season.  Check back in January 2018 for next season's information.







We would love to see you here, contact us today!