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Home Reading Program

General Brock Elementary School is going to start a year of home reading with our “Reach for the Stars” program in October.  Our “Reach for the Stars” program asks you to become partners with us in encouraging your child to become a life-long reader.  Research indicates that children who read consistently with an older person at home experience significant gains in reading levels.
Home Reading Record Sheets will be handed out to students through their classroom teachers.  Please keep these somewhere handy (such as your refrigerator).  Try to set aside time each day when your child will be involved in reading for at least 15 minutes for primary students and 20 minutes for intermediate students.  This may take the form of parent reading to student, student reading to parent, or for the fluent reader, student reading silently on his/her own.  We then ask that the parent record the date, a comment and your signature on the recording sheet.  Even if your child reads more than twenty minutes, please record only once a day.  At the end of each month your child may bring it to school and have a chance to win a small monthly prize that will be drawn in the library.  Your child will receive a certificate at the end of the school year for participating in the home reading program. 
We hope that you will help us in ensuring that your child benefits from the Home Reading program.
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