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Staff Directory

Mrs. Paget, Principal

Ms. Stelmack, Office Administrative Assistant


Brock had some changes in  enrolment over the summer. Families will receive updates in the first week of school but our tentative organization for the 2016-2017 school year will be as follows:   


Ms. Prasad, Grade 6/7 - Division 1

Mrs. MacIntyre, Grade 4/5 - Division 2

Ms. Payson, Grade 3/4 - Division 3

Ms. Johal (Mon.- Wed.) and Ms. Sauder (Th., Fri.), Grade 2/3 - Division 4
Mrs. Lee, Grade 1/2 - Division 5
Mrs. Giesbrecht, Kindergarten - Division 6
Ms. Froebe, Kindergarten/Grade 1 - Division 7
Ms. Young, Life Skills - Division 8
Ms. Bishop, Extended Learning Assistance Class (ELAC) - Division 9
Ms. Colvin, Resource Teacher
Ms. Liu, Resource Teacher

Mr. Masuahara, Prep. Teacher (Wed.), Resource Teacher (Thursday)

Mr. Sampson, Music Prep. Teacher, Resource Teacher (Tues., Wed, Thurs. a.m.)

Ms. Johal, Teacher Librarian/Library Prep (Thurs.and Fri.)



Mr. Thiessen, School Support Worker

Ms. Leung, School Support Worker

Mr. Ellis, School Support Worker

Ms. Politis, School Support Worker

Ms. Chisholm, School Support Worker

Ms. Boudreau, School Support Worker

Ms. Harrison (Mon., Tues., Wed.), School Support Worker job sharing with Ms. Drew (Thurs. and Fri.)

Ms. Merryweather, School Support Worker

Ms.  Haxhiavdija Support Worker

Ms. Huang, School Support Worker

Ms. Hanson, Temporary School Support Worker

Mr. Currie, School Support Worker


Ms. Joshi, Area Counsellor

Ms. Lam, Speech and Language Pathologist

Ms. Schellenberg, Teacher Psychologist


Ms. Kuo, Supervision Aide

Ms. Nakahara, Supervision Aide


Mr. Masih,Daytime Engineer

Mr. Dharni, Evening Engineer

Mr. Thalapathpitiya, Part-time Evening Custodian

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