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October 08
Leadership 11 Fruit and Vegetable Bundle Fundraiser

Dear Sir / Madam,

Our Leadership 11 Sustainability class is once again in the process of planning our 10th annual Climate Change Conference.

Our goal for this event is the education and empowerment of students across the VSB and the lower mainland. We aim to give youth and members of the community the chance to engage with complex sustainability issues in a way that promotes hope and a sense of empowerment. This event will also give youth the opportunity to network with like-minded peers, and gain inspiration to make their own schools and communities more environmentally just. Our class will visit our elementary feeder schools as well as other high schools in the Vancouver area to promote this event and widen the network of youth in active citizenship. We are also working with students from other districts such as Coquitlam and Surrey that attended our climate conference in past years.

To help fundraise for this event, we are doing a vegetable bundle fundraiser to help raise money for not just this conference, but also to support local BC farmers. Local food and food security is a big issue in regards to sustainability and access to resources/land, and supporting our local food systems are one way in which we can contribute to a more well-rounded and sustainable food system.  We are offering two locally grown BC bundles to help support healthier food choices, local BC farmers and suppliers, and the organization of our student conference:


Bundle 1 ($25)

Bundle 2 ($18)

      1 Squash

      1 Rutabaga

      2 lbs Carrots

      3 lbs Beets

      5 lbs Potatoes

      10 lbs Gala Apples


Each order will also come with a set of recipe cards to give some ideas of what you can make, and contain some food stories from our community.


Leadership students will have order forms and will be walking around in the halls during lunch. In order to be put on the order form, you must also have the money ready.  Forms and money will be collected by the leadership 11 class until Oct. 19. Delivery will happen at the school, and will be at a later confirmed date (between Nov 13-23).


If have any questions, please email        


Thank you,


Windermere Leadership 11 Class


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