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Quick Launch

May 24
Maker Station encourage Problem Solving & Creativity of UHill Elem Students

A post by Jorden Covert 

Teacher Librarian @ University Hill Elementary

  • The maker space is well on its way having started this week. Students will rotate between four “Maker Stations”. 
  • The first station is a coding station where students will work through different activities and challenges creating and writing code for characters. 
  • The second, and back by popular demand, is the deconstruction station. This is where students get to explore what makes things work. Students are given tools to take apart the things we use every day such as computers, radios, printers, cell phones, tablets, DVD players, televisions, toys and even a toaster! 
  • The third station is the building station where students have an opportunity to build structures from Keva blocks, Lego and other wood blocks. Students in the past have built cities, towers, mazes, obstacle courses and have designed furniture, that has been tested by yours truly. 
  • The last station is the creation station where students have an opportunity to explore and create using various materials from wood, plastic, metal, fabric, component parts, craft items, you name it and we’ve thrown it in to the kitchen sink! 

This year we built a tool bench and filled it with tools such as hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, clamps, glue and all the things that attach things together (screws, nails, nuts and bolts.) Thanks again to the PAC for allowing us to purchase the tools for the tool bench with their generous donation. And a big thank you to the community for all your donations to help make this year’s Maker Space a fantastic place for our students to create, explore and innovate!

May 23
Walk n' Roll to School Celebration

Lace up your shoes, jump on your bike, scooter or skateboard during Walk ‘n Roll to School Celebration Week from May 28 until June 1.


Lots of prizes to be won including scooters, skateboards, bike locks and more: To win, make sure to collect a sticker each day you walk ‘n roll to school. Hand in your passport at school by Friday, June 1.


New daily Bike Train from Wesbrook and Hampton Place: In addition to existing walking school buses, we have added two pick-up points for bike trains from Wesbrook Village and Hampton Place. Routes will be led by UBC staff and volunteers who will ensure a fun and safe ride.


Krank it up! On Thursday, May 31, join us at recess to decorate and fix-up your bike to ride the beautiful trails and cyclist-friendly routes at UBC.


Make sure to check out the Walk ‘n Roll pamphlet for more details and pick-up points for our daily walking school bus and bike trains. Details can also be found​

May 23
Intermediate School Playground is Closed

As you will no doubt have heard, our intermediate playground has been surrounded by fencing and the children are no longer able to play on it.  It no longer conforms to CSA standards which the VSB requires to keep playground equipment safe.  Since I arrived at University Hill Elementary, I have made regular requests for repairs to the existing structure.  In the past year alone, the VSB has been spent approximately $5000.00 in repairs to our playground.  I commend them for their efforts to make it last as far as humanly possible. 


The playground was installed in 2006 by the company Canadian Play Systems, who went out of business shortly after. Since that time, the VSB has had a very difficult time finding replacement parts for repairs, which has included trying to source parts from other suppliers and/or repairing the broken equipment in house. The structures are now showing signs of excessive deterioration and current CSA standards do not allow our VSB staff to repair the structure without ensuring that the repair would meet today’s standard.


My most recent request was to repair the rotting wood on the bridge.  Before VSB staff even arrived on site, the opposite side also fell off the bridge.  I am sad for our kids not to have their beloved playground, but I completely support the action to keep our kids safe.  As many of you know, I am the daughter of a retired neurosurgeon and a “safety first” kind of girl.


It was a joy talking to Leah Chapman today.  I was bemoaning our predicament and she looked at me, smiled and said:


“Yeah!  We’re getting a new playground!”


Perspective is everything!  The next task will be collecting the money.  Gaming funds from the government can be directed towards playgrounds but we’ll definitely need to be creative in our thinking about how to make this happen. 


In the meantime, our Community School Team are working with our leadership students so we can teach our students some new outside games.  Jump Rope for Heart is scheduled for this Friday and we have a new supply of skipping ropes.  Several of the school gardens have been planted and will need watering and tending.  Let me know if you have other ideas to keep our students engaged in activity during recess and lunch breaks.​

May 17

FINAL TRACK AND FIELD MEET—Wednesday, May 23rd…..8:30 am -12:00. Please make sure that your child arrives at Point Grey Secondary school track (5350 EAST BLVD.) by 8:15am at the very latest, as the events will start promptly.  It is the responsibility of parents to drive their child to and from the Final Meet.  Please make sure that your child is wearing his/her PINK JERSEY, has BOTTLED WATER, LONG HAIR TIED BACK, PROPER CLOTHING AND SHOES! 

It is possible that we return for a late lunch at school, so please pack a good snack/light lunch for your child in case.  Go U-hill Elementary, Go! ​

May 15
Public Information Sessions on Grade Structure University Hill Family of Schools

Yestersday the public meeting at University Hill Elementary School was well attended.  You are also welcome to attend the meetings at Norma Rose Point, today from 3:30 - 7:30 pm or Thursday at University Hill Secondary School, also 3:30 - 7:30 pm.

Your thoughts can also be emailed to​ by May 21st 

As requested, here is the Reconfiguration Proposal for your perusal:

University Hill Family of Schools Grade Reconfiguration Proposal – Summary for Discussion

May 09
​Track & Field mini-meet #1: Thursday, May 10th RAIN or SHINE!

Thursday, May 10th: 3:30-5:00 pm @ Camosun park/track (by Queen Elizabeth school on 16th Ave. and Trimble St.)

Students are to head to the meet after school right away, ready to go (3:15) with their PINK JERSEYS on to represent Uhill, appropriate running shoes, long hair tied back and a water bottle. Uhill will  be set up with a tent and banner closest to 16th Avenue.  All students are to meet there first.

*a reminder that students need to organize a drive to and from with parents please and it is very important that the parents are ready to pick up at 5pm even if the meet goes longer. 

Go UHill Elementary, Go! 😊

May 02
The Big One at 2 pm Drill this Thursday

At the last PAC Meeting, the upcoming Annual Earthquake and Re-unification drill on Thursday, May 3rd was reviewed with parents.  As with fire drills, the purpose is to practice the steps needed to keep students safe and reunited them with their parents/ guardians. The drill will take place at 2 pm.  We will evacuate the building, practice our emergency procedures and sign out to parents and guardians who have decided to participate in the drill.

A few things for parents arriving early and participating in the drill:

1.  Please line up on the sidewalk of Hamber Street so you can be checked in by staff to pick up your child.  

2.  Please bring identification.  In the event of an emergency, the person checking you in may not know you.

3.  Give the yellow tear off slip to the staff runners who will go pick up your child from the student assembly area.  

4.  Wait in the parent waiting area for your child(ren) to be brought to you.

5.  Once your child is brought to you, please leave the school grounds as you would in a real emergency.

6.  Be patient with us.  Our goal is to keep students safe and calm in the event of an emergency.

Students will be dismissed to daycare staff or parents/ guardians as usual, at 3 pm if parents/ guardians do not arrive early to participate in the drill.

Thanks so much for your cooperation.


Ms. Carrie Froese


April 30
Public Information Session Grade Structure UHill Elem. on May 14th

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 7.07.39 PM.png

April 30
Maker Space in the Library Revisited

​Brought to you by our Librarian and Gifted Education Teacher: Jordan Covert

Dear Parents and University Hill community;

Hello everyone its Jorden, your librarian, calling. I can’t believe it’s May. What a year so far, filled with amazing learning and shared experiences both in and out of the classroom.

I’m sending you this message for some help. After the success of last year’s Maker Space in the library, I am excited to offer the same opportunities to the kids this year.

As most of you know, your children come to the library every week for one period where we dive into new books, explore interesting topics for research or learn how to make books using the iPads.

In the spirit of making things, for 5 weeks starting in the middle of May, I would like to turn the library into a gigantic maker space again to continue the work we have done with students on creative thinking, problem solving and innovation.  

In order for me to do that I need stuff:

  • cardboard, 
  • fabric
  • buttons 
  • wire or pieces of wire
  • anything you can possibly crate and build with
  • old electronics to deconstruct

You can drop off any and all materials to the library before and after school.

If you are interested in helping out please come see me in the library.

Thanks and I look forward seeing all the creations our kids come up with. 

Jorden Covert
Teacher Librarian
University Hill Elementary 

April 26
PAC  Multicultural Event a HUGE Success!

The 1st Multicultural Fair ​at University Hill Elementary School was an amazing event, largely due to the hard work and coordination of Kathleen, Christine and Abdullah.  Student work in classrooms was highlighted and extended with family displays and/or presentations of 23 different countries / nations.  The singing and dance performances created electricity in the room.  We are very much hoping that this tremendous sharing and learning opportunity will become an annual event.  

Thank you to all the participants and guests ​

Check out @UHillElementary to see some great student work and pictures of the event.

The First PAC Multicultural Fair

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

4:00 – 6:00 pm 

Organized by the University Hill Elementary School Parent Advisory Committee.

Parking as always will be limited so please plan to walk, bike or carpool.  

23 International Countries will be represented.

Please direct any questions or comments to 

Kathleen Leung  

PAC Multicultural Committee Chair 

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