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November 07
Remembrance Day Assembly





Thursday, November 8th, 2018

11:00 AM


Acknowledgement of Indigenous Lands

Welcome – Ms. Froese


Procession of the Flag by The University Hill Honour Guard

     Annie Tang, Joel Cameron, Li Yi Wu

    The Gairloch & Loch Duich Canadian Bagpipes


O’CanadaPiano Accompaniment by Lang Dai


Aboriginal Veteran’s DayDeemah Almegbel, Sage Bennett & Amethyst Leung-Delorme, Division 2


Last Post: 2 Minutes of Silence – Reveille – Jon Yates


Remember Me by Anderson-Lopez & Lopez - Choir


I Wish for Peace by Gagne & Cassils - Choir

Choir directed by Marlis MacAulay

Pianist – Diana Ihnatovych

Guitarist – Vicente Regis


In Flanders Fields Divisions 5, 6, 7 & 11

Poem by John McCrae and Arranged by Roger Emerson


Silent Procession out of the gym following the flags – Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part



In Flanders Fields

By Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae


This Canadian army doctor wrote this poem after his close friend was killed on May 2, 1915 in the region of Belgium called Flanders.


In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

​Special thanks to Division 1 for the set up of the gym and for decorating and to Jordan, our librarian, for Tech support.

November 06
November 6, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

     Monday was Support Staff Recognition Day.  We were able to formally celebrate the amazing contribution of all of the people who support our school community including building staff, office support, our student support workers, supervision aides, our lunch lady, and people working with grounds, material services, operations and the trades.  We appreciate their contributions to our school community. 

      Teachers and students will begin welcoming parents to November conferences.  Please be sure that you have made an opportunity to come to the school for a conference.  This is an important part of sharing your child’s learning with you.   Check out the blog post on Communicating Student Learning to learn more about the changes to student reporting.  The intent is for assessment to include formative, as well as summative written reports.  The five reporting periods will be spread over the course of the year.  Please talk to your child’s teacher about their reporting plans for this year  It will include: 

1.     Written reports at the end of January and June

2.     Conferencing in fall and in spring

3.     Another communication method, such as:

a.     A Celebration of Learning

b.     Phone call home

c.     Before or after school meetings with parents

d.     Portfolio sharing – in person or online using a platform, such as FreshGrade


·      Our Remembrance Day assembly is scheduled for Thursday, November 8th at 11 am.  Parents and preschoolers are welcome to attend.

·      Friday, November 9th is Curriculum Implementation Day .  Teachers will be attending sessions organized by the district or working collaboratively with staff.  Children do not attend school. 

·      Monday, November 12th, is the statutory holiday to commemorate Remembrance Day.  The school is closed.

   See you at conferences!  Please be sure to read the transportation memo from PAC.

Sincerely, Ms. Carrie Froese, Principal


November 06
A Transportation Memo from PAC

​by Leah Chapman

Hi Parents,

A quick reminder regarding transportation this Wednesday and Thursday for the Parent Teacher conferences as well as suggestions for additional parking. I've also attached PDF for a map  for your reference as well as recommended tips for safe pick up.

The weather forecast is sunshine so please walk, bike, bus, or carpool!  

For those that require parking, please note that space will be very limited as the school grounds will NOT be opened up for parking. Usual pick up parking spaces will be available and a kind reminder to NOT park on the curb

If your appointment starts between 2-2:30pm, please advise the on-duty parent parking volunteer and they will do their best to help guide you to the next available parking spot.  

Suggestions of additional parking within 5 to 15 minute walk:

· 5 minute walk: 2 hour parking on Chancellor Blvd at the entrance to Pacific Spirit Park 

· 8-10 minute walk: 3 hour parking at Acadia Beach (located at the bottom of the Salish Trail)

· 10-12 minute walk: 2 hour parking on Theology Drive located the Chancellor Neighbourhood

· 15 minute walk: paid parking at the Rose Garden parkade off of Chancellor Blvd

· Or ask a fellow classmate / neighbour in the Chancellor / U.E.L. area if they have a guest parking space.


Thank you,

​Your UHill Parent Traffic Volunteers

October 22
A Message From Student Council

Class Student council reps will present this information during class.



 BOO GRAMS for a friend will go on sale this WED. OCT 24TH AT RECESS AND LUNCH.


They will be DELIVERED to friends ON THE AFTERNOON OF OCT 31ST



There will be 2 candy jars (1 primary and 1 intermediate)  for students to guess the amount of candies inside.  The person with the closest vote wins the candy for the entire class.


 CARVE A PUMPKIN FOR YOUR CLASS  Student Council will deliver a pumpkin to each division on Mon. OCT. 22 Classes are encouraged to carve and place outside their classroom on a table. This is for school spirit and it won't be a competition. IN the past we had

classes decorate their door for Halloween, but thought to do something different this year.  Of course you are welcome to also decorate your door!


Boo Grams will be sold at the front of the school outside the office and will be 25 cents each. Maximum purchase is 4 each day. 


If students want to buy for a friend in another class, you need to tell us the division # or teacher's name so they can be delivered to the right person.


Guesses are 25 cents as well. ​

All funds raised go to support Student Council activities.

October 21
​Communicating Student Learning

​The term “communicating student learning” has taken on a life of its own.  I was at a conference for Vancouver principals and vice-principals this weekend but also had a change to touch base with administrators from Delta and Richmond.  “Communicating Student Learning”  is used to describe inquiry projects, funded opportunities, a follow up to changes in new B.C. curriculum and just what it says – communicating student learning to parents and guardians.  The accepted standard of reporting to parents has been three formal report cards that are written by a classroom teacher with inserts included for students receiving English as an additional language and/or resource support.  These reports also include two other conference times which could be: parent -teacher conferences; three-way conferences with the parent, child and teacher; and student led conferences with the parent and child.  These reporting opportunities have also been summative in nature and the teacher provides information about grades or achievement to date.  In some cases, the student had an opportunity to share some information.


The new curriculum in British Columbia puts the student front and centre.  I have been teaching core competencies (communication skills, creative and critical thinking, as well as personal and social identity and responsibility) for my entire teaching career, as have my colleagues.  The difference is the shift of the spotlight from mastery of curriculum content to teaching what many pedagogical experts refer to as “the four C’s” – critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.  Yuval Noah Harari advises students that in the future “[m]ost important of all will be the ability to deal with change, learn new things, and preserve your mental balance in unfamiliar situations” (2018 p.266).   For this reason, assessment practices in school are shifting so that students are taught to reflect on themselves as learners and strategize how they will improve.


You will note differences in reporting at University Hill Elementary this year as teachers more fully involve students in:

·      asking big questions

·      problem solving

·      developing a plan to find answers

·      communicating their learning to their peers and their families

·      assessing their work

·      planning for what the next steps in their learning will be


The Ministry of Education has a deadline for implementing new reporting processes throughout British Columbia for September 2019.  Five communications with parents and guardians will continue.  Many teachers will be exploring optional ways to provide a more comprehensive picture of student learning this year.  This will include:


Two formal report cards using the template designed by the Vancouver School Board in conjunction with teachers participating in the Communicating Student Learning Inquiry Groups.  These reports will go home with information that focuses on growth, student learning and student voice.  They will not include letter grades.  The will include inserts from Resource teachers, Individual Education Plan updates and English language learning reports.

Report #1 goes home January 31, 2019

Report #2 goes home June 26, 2019


Two conferences times with parents and communicated by the classroom teacher. 

            November 7th and 8th – 2 pm dismissal

            March 6th and 7th – 2 pm dismissal

 **  Information will also be supplied by resource teachers.  Parent attendance will be mandatory.

Additional opportunities that your classroom and resource teacher(s) may select to report learning may include:

·      Celebration of Learning – Students share process and the learning with family

·      Student self and peer evaluation 

·      Phone calls home reporting on student achievement

·      Journals or emails reporting on student achievement

·      Sharing of portfolios created and stored in the classroom

·      Sharing of online portfolios, participation in collaborative processes using tools such as



Teachers will be customizing what reporting will look like in their classroom and communicating this information to families.  The next Tea Time with the Principal is on Friday, November 2nd at 9:15 am.  This would a great time to talk about new reporting practices.  Bring your questions and join me for a cup of tea or coffee.  Childcare is not provided but I do have books, blocks and lego for preschool play.

October 18
​Trout Lake Cross Country Meet Information

A post by Tanya Hadaway:

It has been a fantastic Cross Country season.  Congratulations to all the athletes that have come out to run over the past few weeks!


On Thursday October 18th we will have our final meet at Trout Lake.  Athletes that have been coming to at least one practice a week and have participated in at least one mini meet are invited to take part in this final meet on Thursday.  Parents are responsible for getting their children to and from the meet.      


The meet will take place from 1pm to 3pm.  Athletes will run in the same order as the mini meets.  The first race (grade 7 boys) starts at 1:00pm – subsequent races are every 8 minutes.  There will be announcements made for the grade groups that should be in the marshalling area.  Only participants will be permitted in the marshalling area and on the course – parents are not allowed at the starting line.  Parents and coaches are not allowed to pace (run or bike beside) runners at any point in the course.


Megan Lowrie, Andrea Morgan and Ms. Froese will be at the meet.  Look for them, and the UHill Elementary banner close to the start line.  Remember to sign in and out.


All spectators must watch the races from outside the course boundaries (we have areas roped off for the SAFETY of the runners and the meet officials).  We have had minor accidents and close misses when people do not pay attention to the course boundaries – please let’s do our part to ensure that everyone stays off the course.  I know we all get excited to see out children/students participate in events like this but our rules are meant for the safety of all students.


No parents in the finish line area – they must wait outside the roped area to congratulate or take photos of their runners.  Anyone who has been to previous meets will know that the finish area is a constant wave of runners from the first race to the last.  Extra bodies in the area is once again deemed a safety issue.


Parking is limited.  All vehicles should be parked in the parking lots or on the streets – at past events vehicles have been ticketed and/or towed.


The meet is on rain or shine unless there is any sign of lightning which thankfully is not in the forecast.  In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel the event, it will be done on the morning of the 18th.  If that happens the event will not be rescheduled.


It is important that all students wear proper running shoes (Skateboard shoes, slip on runners etc. are not acceptable and may result in your child becoming injured).  It is also important that your child wear flexible clothing (shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt) and come prepared to compete rain or shine. 


Thanks for your support and happy running!



Tanya, Megan, Andrea, Janet and Mike​

October 15
New Registration Process at VSB Schools

With the opening of school registration for the 2019-20 school year on November 1st, the VSB will be implementing a new online registration service for parents.  The registration process will have two steps:

Step 1:   Complete the online registration process at Print out the completed registration form.

Step 2:   Bring the completed registration form along with the required documents to your catchment school. 

Note: the registration process is not complete until you have competed both steps in the process.

Visit the  Student Registration Page on the Vancouver School Board website for more information.


Help is Available


Should you have questions or require assistance with any part of the registration process please contact your catchment school. 

September 28
Project Chef In Residence Program start on Oct. 1st

University Hill Elementary School is the lucky recipient of The Project Chef In Residence Program.  Every student in the school will have the opportunity to learn about food literacy.  This on-site school program will be part of our BC Curriculum supported programs.  Project CHEF focuses on teaching the children knowledge about healthy food as related to Canada’s Food Guide and the skills to prepare healthy food choices for themselves. Herbs and vegetables from our school garden will be included in recipes.

 The program is approximately two hours a day for a week. During this time, the children will be learning kitchen safety as well as cooking and eating the food they prepare. All recipes are vegetarian.  

 Teachers have requested the information to ensure the safety of all children with regard to food allergies and to accommodate dietary restrictions.  Depending on the allergies and dietary restrictions, some replacement ingredients and accommodations can be made.

 This program involves the children, teachers, parents and members from the community in learning about healthy food.  Thanks to the parents who have stepped up to volunteer to assist each day of the program.  Talk to your child’s classroom teacher if you want to volunteer.

 To learn more about Project CHEF and to discover resources to support healthy family meals, please explore the Project CHEF website at .

 Note:  The cost for the program is $18.00 per student.  No student will be denied access to this program due to inability to pay.  

September 27
October Happenings

Our first two classes will be starting Project Chef on Monday.  Thanks to Kate and Andrea's classes, as well as the Green Thumb Gardeners at recess and lunch for planting vegetables and herbs that we will be able to use in our Project Chef cooking classes.  

Student Council is sponsored by Ms. Virvilis and Ms. Marshall.  Their first project is a Thanksgiving Food Drive to focus attention of our students on those in need. They plan to collect for the next two weeks (Oct. 1-12th)  The Thanksgiving time frame seems appropriate. All reps are working on posters for each classroom door to encourage and announcers will let the school know daily as a reminder. ​

Peer Helpers have submitted their applications and are now training with The Community School Team leader, Maddie on Mondays.  They will be helping to teach outdoor games and support younger students with self regulation and problem solving.

Bird Buddies are just as excited about the binoculars as they are about the birds.  We had an eagle sighting on Thursday and regular sighting of many of the birds on the Common Birds of Vancouver poster.

The Reading Writers' Garden is taking shape.  We have been working on mobiles to make tinkling sound in the wind and to simply look interesting.  Joan has shared several plants left over from the installation of the Butterfly Garden last year.  

September 27
Be Active Everyday! 

Mustafa and parents are helping to kick-off another  Walk N' Roll​ week from October 1-5th.  Remember to walk to school or ride your bike so you can fill in your passport and win prizes!

Ms. Cargo has organized an amazing program to get students active outdoors.  Dr. Cadesky will be coming to the school on October 1st to kick off the Be Active Everyday Program sponsored by the Doctors of B.C. in an assembly at 1:30 pm.  The Doctors of B.C. have provided an number of resources to teach students about the importance of daily physical activity.  Dr. Cadesky will be handing out Super Hero booklets on Monday so students can track their activity.  Ms. Cargo is also coordinating some lunch time activities.

October Be Active Everyday 12:30 Lunch Hour Schedule: 

WEEK 1 October 1-5th : TAG IN MIDDLE OF FIELD 

Monday           Tuesday           Wednesday           Thursday           Friday 

Gr. 1's            Gr.2's               Gr. 3's                  Gr.4's/5's           Kindergartens (second week)​​

* All students are permitted to run or walk the perimeter throughout the week during lunch hour. 

* Any teachers or parents wanting to run with the students or help with the supervision are invited to join us. :) 


*All students are still permitted to run or walk the perimeter throughout the week. 


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