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University Hill Elementary Blog > Posts > #KeepKidsSafe Traffic Safety at UHill Elementary School Revisited
January 23
#KeepKidsSafe Traffic Safety at UHill Elementary School Revisited

Please note that the RCMP is responsible for policing Hamber Road.  They have issued tickets for traffic infractions.  It is illegal to make a U turn on Hamber Road and to park on the sidewalk.  Thanks for your cooperation in helping to keep our students safe.  



Many of our students at University Hill Elementary School are driven to school, particularly when it is raining.  This means traffic safety is always foremost in our minds.  Although teachers regularly reinforce drop off and pick up rules, it is very important for pay close attention to traffic rules and be very cautious to ensure none of our children are hurt.  Our RCMP liaison officers are very supportive of our community and are working to control the speed of cars along Chancellor Boulevard.  

The PAC Safety Committee has done some great safety work.  The following information was sent home to share with families in fall.  I am posting it again here for you to review with your children and all of the drivers doing drop off or pick up in your family.  


Currently we are working with The VSB Traffic Working Group to improve the traffic situation at our school.  One possibility it to change the 30 minute parking signs to prevent back-up on to Chancellor Boulevard, a designated highway.  Another possibility is to enlist parent volunteers to assist in keeping traffic moving.  PAC and school staff are very interested in hearing your ideas to improve safety at our school.

Teacher supervision at most schools generally includes supervising around the school and playground areas.  Teacher supervisors are currently spending all of their time trying to keep the drop off / pick up zone moving and safe.  It is very disheartening when their efforts are not appreciated and requests are ignored by parents.  

Just a reminder that the parking lot is for the use of staff at the school and the onsite preschool / out of school care.  It becomes a safety hazard when parents park in the lot to pick up children.  Should you need to park  and leave your car, you are responsibe for finding legal parking.  


Thanks to our many families that bike to school.  We are lucky to have the support of Mustafa Akhtar in his role as Coordinator of Community Programs and Outreach on the UBC campus.  The Walk n'Roll Program in October and upcoming event planned for Spring 2018 generate lots of biking enthusiasm.  It is a good step towards healthy living and certainly helps to alleviate our traffic pressures.

Issues image

BikewalkUBC​ is a local grass roots network formed by volunteers advocating for safe and convenient transport options around UBC Vancouver. While driving is already quite safe and convenient, people choosing to walk or cycle often face unnecessary obstacles and sometimes dangerous infrastructure. How do you use the roads around UBC? What problems do you encounter when walking or cycling? Let us know by pinning an issue or a suggestion on the map, help us build a community and participate in the discussion.​

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