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August 21
August Newsletter 2018

Welcome back to Tupper! 

Please click here to access the August Newsletter. ​

Please remember to check the Tupper website frequently for updated information.  ​

June 18
Graduates of 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Allen Yan Memorial Jonathan Tamayo
Artona Scholarship Ashley Chow
Artona Scholarship Kayla Castillo
Bob Fitzpatrick Award Dewii Bong
Bill Jeffers Alumni Scholarship Christina Verzilova
DDA Scholarship Saniya Naqvi
DDA Scholarship Jenna Delima
Don Davies Scholarship Zoe Kelly
Dr. Don Ricci Scholarship Paul Fisher
Frank and Victoria Sunday Scholarship Tallon Ellison
Friends of Tupper Helen Banh
Graduation Committee Scholarship Erica Zuasola
Graduation Committee Scholarship Ana Storer
Japanese Language School Scholarship Sophia Young
Link Crew Scholarship Christina Verzilova
Mable Elmore, MLA Vancouver-Kensington Scholarship Lilian Goy
MacDonald Merritt Scholarship Lily Tran
MacDonald Merritt Scholarship Lisa Tran
MacDonald Merritt Scholarship Kyle Maunahan
Midtown Tupper CST Award Christina Verzilova
Mini School Scholarship Jasmine Kullar
Mt. Pleasant Community Association Scholarship Jordan Naranja
Mt. Pleasant Community Association Scholarship Mellyn Buenafe
Mt. Pleasant Community Association Scholarship Helen Banh
Scholarship Committee Award Ranell Sebastian
Scholarship Committee Award Sinh Kpa
Peter Cumberbirch Memorial Scholarship Ana Storer
Student Council Scholarship Nika Asgari
Technical Studies Scholarship Arthur Balbuena
Technical Studies Scholarship (automotive award) Paul Santos
Trinity-Grace United Church Scholarship Gavin Tuazon
Tupper Music Parents' Association Scholarship Bronwen Bente
Tupper Office Community Service Award Kenny Maccaulder
Tupper Office Community Service Award Riley Swiderski
Tupper PAC Scholarship Kayla Castillo
Tupper PAC Scholarship Paige Johanson
Tupper PAC Scholarship Michelle Liu
Tupper Rugby Scholarship Eli Bialowas
Tupper Rugby Scholarship Michael Espejo
Tupper Retired Teachers Scholarship Sinh Kpa
Tupper Tech Scholarship in honour of Taylor Magnusson Sako Abkarian
Universal Buddhist Temple Award Alison Zeng
Universal Buddhist Temple Award Nicole Abas
Universal Buddhist Temple Award Raquel Quintanilla
Vancouver South Lions Club Scholarship Nika Asgari
Vancouver South Lions Club Scholarship Blessilda Grace Rodrigo
VASSA Scholarship Patricia Yuan
Vendmaster Jamie Greenberg
Vendmaster Harlan Shier
Vendmaster Malcolm Dearlove-Stefan
Vendmaster Ryan Ng
VSTA Bursary Erica Zuasola
Brock PAC Scholarship Christie Bernados
Dickens PAC Scholarship Bronwen Bente
Livingstone PAC Scholarship Edward Hu
McBride PAC Scholarship Neerav Kaila
Nightingale PAC Scholarship Celina Nguyen
Nightingale PAC Scholarship Patricia Yuan
Wolfe PAC Scholarship Frances Clarke
District Scholarship Fine Arts Ariadne Meriwether
District Scholarship Fine Arts Cassey Linag
District Scholarship Fine Arts Johanna Valdez
District Scholarship Fine Arts Vandy Tchen
District Scholarship Fine Arts Thom Fisher
District Scholarship Physical Activity Hanz Arjona
District Scholarship Physical Activity Leanne Trinh
District Scholarship Physical Activity Theresa Huynh
District Scholarship International Languages Ana Brinkerhoff
District Scholarship International Languages Eugene Ip
District Scholarship Technical and Trades Training Jeffrey Ramacula
District Scholarship Technical and Trades Training Harish Anantharajah
District Scholarship Technical and Trades Training Celina Nguyen
District Scholarship Technical and Trades Training Vanessa Shum
District Scholarship Technical and Trades Training Sako Abkarian
District Scholarship Technical and Trades Training Mandy Liu
District Scholarship Community Service Erica Zuasola
District Scholarship Community Service Kimberly Garcia
District Scholarship Community Service Helen Banh
District Scholarship Community Service Patricia Yuan
District Scholarship Community Service Ana Storer
District Scholarship Community Service Ardis Mellor-Laing
District Scholarship Community Service Tina Wu
District Scholarship Indigenous Languates and Culture  Tallon Ellison
District Scholarship Indigenous Languates and Culture  Benjamin Knudsen
Tupper ROARS Scholarship Matthew Maretic
Top Athlete Award Christie Bernados
Top Athlete Award Celina Nguyen
Top Athlete Award Benson Laconsay
The Principal's Award of Excellence Ana Storer
The Torch Nika Asgari
The Torch Ashley Chow
French 12 Ana Brinkerhoff
English 12 Ryan Ng
Mini English 12 Ariadne Meriwether
Writing 12 Jordan Naranja
Choir 12 Tina Wu
Band 12 Malcolm Dearlove-Stefan
Guitar 12 Noemi Agustin
PE 12 Jaycee Fonacier
PE 12 Vanessa Shum
ELL Benedict Gatchalian
Chemistry 12 Wencheng You
Physics 12 Sophia Young
Biology 12 Sophia Young
History 12 Ana Storer
Law 12 Patricia Yuan
Law 12 Helen Banh
Japanese 12 Blessilda Grace Rodrigo
Foundations of Math 12 Matthew Maretic
Pre-Calculus 12 Wencheng You
Calculus 12 Wencheng You
Graphics 12 Jennifer Lieu
Photography 12 Ana Brinkerhoff
Yearbook 12 Frances Clarke
Programming Harish Anantharajah
Woodworking Kervin Jones Castillo
Theatre Company 12 Matthew Maretic
Gold Service Certificate Celina Nguyen
  Ana Storer
  Nour Suliman
  Leanne Trinh
  Erica Zuasola
  Ashley Chow
  Christina Verzilova
  Cassey Linag
  Royce Malonzo
  Ardis Mellor-Laing
  Mellyn Buenafe
  Frances Clarke
  Ramandeep Dhoot
  Kimberly Garcia
  Daniel Hong
  Theresa Huynh
  Zoe Kelly
  Ana Brinkerhoff
  Cindy To
  Nicole Abas
  Nika Asgari
  Christie Bernados
Silver Service Certificate Ariadne Meriwether
  Bless Rodrigo
  Dewii Bong
  Lilian Goy
  Abigail Casugo
  Dawt Ching Par
  Eira Cabansag
  Linda Nguyen
  Dawt Ching Par
Bronze Service Certificate Sabrina Lin
  Cindy To
  Thuy Truong
  Gabriel Prodoscimo Araujo
  Ashley Chow
  Sabrina Lin
May 30
Tupper 2018/2019 Calendar

Please click the link below for the 2018/2019 Tupper Calendar.

Tupper Calendar 2018-19 .pdfTupper Calendar 2018-19 .pdf

May 11
Undergrad Awards

Undergrad Awards at Tupper will not be continuing on as they have in the past.  Prior to this school year, Departments met over the course of a few weeks during their lunch and nominated students to receive subject awards.  Citations were written by staff and compiled into a script for the ceremony.  Medals and trophies were ordered and engraved.  Parents and guardians were invited to the school to watch their children receive awards and be acknowledged for their hard work.  This event was organized by a group of staff who took on the various roles in addition to their regular classroom teaching.  This year, school staff have met and decided to focus their collective time on the implementation of the new curriculum and assessment.  We will continue to honour the hard work of students through the Honour Roll and Principal's List awards each term as well as a year-end Service Award Ceremony on June 22.  

May 10
Pay your school fees online!

Dear Parent/Guardian,


The Vancouver School Board will now be offering School Cash Online at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary as its preferred method of payment for all school fees, including everything from field trips to yearbooks. This secure system helps parents and community members pay school-related fees safely, quickly and easily online.


The new system puts all of the school fees available to your student online for purchase, keeping you informed of your child’s activities and needs. We will post items through the system and assign the relevant fees to your student. You can then choose to purchase these fees online with one of three different methods, including credit cards. You can also stay informed and keep track of which school fees require your attention. The system strictly adheres to Canada’s privacy and anti-spam legislation and meets the latest industry standards for payment security.


You are now able to register – a simple process that takes only a few minutes – by visiting or visiting our website at and following directions to the School Cash Online page. You will need your child’s usual first name, last name and birth date to register.


Should you encounter any difficulties, you can use the parent help desk at 1(866) 961-1803 or by visiting




Alison Ogden
Principal,  Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School

Welcome to School Cash Online - May 2017.pdfWelcome to School Cash Online - May 2017.pdf

Step-by-Step Registration .pdfStep-by-Step Registration .pdf


April 03
Superintendent and Trustee Letter to Parents and Guardians 2018 April 03

Please find a letter from the Superintendent and Trustee to Parents and Guardians below.

Joint Letter to Parents and Guardians 2018Apr03.pdfJoint Letter to Parents and Guardians 2018Apr03.pdf

March 11
A Message from Coach Gourley (and for Coach Gourley)

A huge congratulations to our Senior Boy's Basketball team, coaches, and managers.  As you can tell by the description of their final game below, our Senior Boys worked hard and played hard.  While I know that this is because they are fantastic young people, I also know that the person who brings out their best qualities is the coach, Jeff Gourley.  Thank you for all that you do for our community.  

February 2015 Courier Article - Basketball Coach Gourley Always Putting Kids First

And now from Coach Gourley . . . .

Yesterday afternoon your Tupper Tigers played their final game of the season at the Provincial Championships at the Langley Events Centre. Their opponent on the day was the # 6 ranked, Condors of Prince George's Duchess Park Secondary. Up for grabs - 5th or 6th at the Provincial Championships.

This was a match made in basketball heaven for the final game of the season between two evenly matched teams. It was a see-saw affair right from the tip off as the two teams exchanged baskets and the lead on several occasions.
The Tigers lead 26 - 22 at the end of the first quarter but the Condors went into the break with a 1 point advantage at 42- 41.

The Tigers put their foot to the floor and entered the fourth quarter leading by 10, 68 - 58, but the Condors were not going to go home without putting up a fight. With six ticks left on the clock and your Tigers inbounding the ball with a 1 point lead 75 - 74, they turned the ball over and it was the Condors chance for heroics. The Prince George team inbounded the ball got the shot up but it rolled off the rim and junior forward Jovan Dhillon snatched the rebound to end the game with a 5th place finish for your Tigers at this year's championships.

Leading the team on the day were junior guards Norben Bulosan and Gaurab Acharya with 26 and 24 points a piece. Acharya was named player of the game for his efforts. Later in the evening he was named to the 2nd team all-star team.

We are so proud of our boys for battling so hard all year long. With the obstacles and injuries they had to overcome, many other teams would have simply given up but the boys worked harder and played fiercely throughout the playoffs even while missing so many key players up until the Provincial Championships.

To come into the tournament ranked 10th in the province and defeat #9 Clayton Heights, #7 Duchess Park and #5 McMath the finish was somewhat of a story book ending to the year.

We say good bye to seniors Paul Santos, Neerav Kaila, JJ Roldan, Benson Laconsay and captain Ranell Sebastian but starting this Wednesday we will be greeting center Matthew Dunkerly's fellow junior teammates to the senior ranks to begin preparation for next season.

The Tigers would like to thank all the educators, administrators, and students who came out to the LEC to support us as well as throughout the year.

We would like to thank the Physical Education department at Tupper, especially Ms. Wong for juggling the gym schedules and for all their support.

To all the parents who were there through the thick and thin of the season with rides, food and over all support - thank you.

A very special thank you to parent manager Kehl Peterson whose help, dedication, organization and support has no way to be measured.

Last but not least,  a huge shout out, thank you and all out love and respect to the most amazing Associate Coach any one could ask for. Thank you Patrick Cumaual from all the players, parents and myself.

Another year goes into the history books and preparation has already begun for next year as your Tigers have been invited to every major tournament in the province so far!

Coach Jeff Gourley

Tupper Basketball
Hear the R.O.A.R.S.

March 08
​Tigers Charge Into Quarter Finals!

Tigers Charge Into Quarter Finals!

Last night your Tupper Tigers charged in the Provincial Semi Finals with a 90 – 70 win over the Night Riders of Surrey’s Clayton Heights Secondary.  Leading the team on the night was junior guard Norben Bulosan with 14 and 8 assists. Bulosan was named player of the game for his performance. Next on the score board was junior guard Gaurab Acharya with 13 points and 8 assists.  Forward Simon Crossfield returned to action for the fist time since January 13th when he fractured his foot and put up 11 big points which included 3 treys!  Junior forward Jovan Dhillon celebrated his birthday with 11 points as well. Rounding out the scoring in double figures were senior Benson Laconsay & sophomore Matthew Dunkerly with 10 points each.


Tomorrow the Tigers are pitted against the #1 team in the tournament when they face the Bulldogs of Byrne Creek at 8:15 at the Langley Events Center.


This is the largest High school sports event in Canada with over 1200 athletes competing for 4 provincial titles all at once!  On Saturday evening there will be 6000 live fans in attendance and 28,000 watching on line and your Tigers are in the mix for the title.

Tiger Basketball
Hear the R.O.A.R.S.​

February 01
Applying to Tupper For Next Year? Information and Timeline for New Tupper Students

As we move into February, timelines and deadlines for applying to Tupper are a popular question at our Main Office.  Please find links below to information about the two most commonly asked questions.  Both the Cross Boundary process and the Mini School Acceptance process are determined by the District.  

Cross Boundary Applications

Mini School Applications

Applying to Tupper as an In Catchment Student 

Students living in the Tupper catchment are automatically transferred to Tupper from their elementary feeder school.  We ask that students fill out an application form to indicate their elective choices as well as if they require any additional support for their learning.  It is important to submit the application form as soon as possible (the soft deadline was January 31) so that we can build a timetable that meets the requests of students.  Students coming from Tupper's elementary feeder schools were given the application forms in January and those forms were to be returned to the elementary school and were picked up by Tupper's Vice Principal.  

Families will be receiving communication from the school in the summer via email and phone.  Information about the first day of school will also be posted on the Tupper website.  Students will receive a copy of their timetable on the first day of school.  

November 21
A letter to families of grade 12 students

Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School

419 East 24th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V5V 2A2

Telephone: (604) 713-8233 è Fax: (604) 713-8232

                                                                                                                                                                                                      November 20th, 2017

To the Parents/Guardians of Tupper Grade 12 students,

Re:         Grad Events and School Leaving Ceremony

This year marks the culmination of 13 years of public education for our grade 12 students and their families. We are all excited about the coming year where the grade 12 students are planning their futures by investigating potential options for next year. For families, it is a time to be proud of their children for their hard work, successes and perseverance. This will be evident at our School Leaving Ceremony on June 15th, 2017 where we will honour our students for their accomplishments.

We want all of our grade 12 students to participate in this years’ grad events (i.e. Grad Fun Nights, Grad Cruise – April 28, Dinner Dance – June 15th) and the School Leaving Ceremony as they are important events for both the student and their families.  Students, however, must meet some basic expectations to be eligible to participate.  Our expectations include:

  • Attending all classes regularly and on time
  • putting forth best efforts to meet the academic requirements of the classroom
  • following ROARS (our School Code of Conduct)

​If grade 12 students do not meet these expectations, they will jeopardize their participation in grad events. These expectations are not set up to be punitive towards our students, but to encourage our students to develop positive study and work habits to be successful and focussed until the end of the school year.  We will be monitoring all of the grade 12 students’ progress throughout the year. Our goal is for all of our grade 12 students to participate in grad events and the School Leaving Ceremony. 

We encourage you to have a discussion with your child about these expectations and their plan to exceed them. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our expectations for your child, please contact me at 604-713-8233. Thank you for your support in making this year memorable and a positive experience for your child.

Yours truly, 

Ms. A. Ogden 


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