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June 12
Student Self Assessment of Core Competencies

All grades 8 and 9 students must complete a self assessment on the Core Competencies.  

Tupper students will be reflecting on the self-regulation asset which falls under Personal Awareness and Responsibility.  Please click on 2017 Tupper Self Assessment.docx2017 Tupper Self Assessment.docx to find the self assessment template.  Paper copies of the template can also be picked up in the main office.  

Once complete, this document must be uploaded to the student's digital locker, found in the MyEd portal. ​

Watch a video walkthrough of how to access the self-assessment form and how to upload to your MyEdBC page:


There are three main competencies: 

1.  Communication 

(connecting and engaging with others; acquiring, interpreting and presenting information; collaborating to plan, carry out and review constructions and activities; explaining/recounting and reflecting on experiences and accomplishments) 

2.  Thinking

  • Creative Thinking (novelty and value, generating ideas, developing ideas)
  • Critical Thinking (analyzing and critiquing, questioning and investigating, developing and designing)

​3.  Personal Social 
  • ​Positive Personal and Cultural Identity (relationships and cultural context, personal values and choices, personal strenths and abilities)
  • Social Responsibility (contributing to community and caring for the environment, solving problems in peaceful ways, valuing diversity, building relatiohships)
  • Personal Awareness and Responsibility (self-determination, self-regulation, well-being) 

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