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Quick Launch

September 07
Important Events  Sept 10-14

Dear Parents and Guardians,

What a busy week!  Thank you all for your patience and smiles.  It is so encouraging.
All students should be in their new classes now.
8:55 AM – Students line up in the undercover area and enter the school with their teacher.  Please do not wait in the school hallway before school.
3:00 PM – Students are picked up at their outside classroom door.  If you need help locating which door, please check in the office.  Thank you.
Front of School
Parents, if your children’s classes are on the north side of the school, please keep an eye on them once you pick them, so they don’t damage the trees or bushes, or run in the area near the office windows.  These areas contain young plants, plus they may not be safe as there may be leftover debris.
Away or Late?
If your child will be away or late, please let the school know prior to 9:00, whenever possible.   You can either call the school at 604-713-4912 or email us at  Please give your child's full name and division.  Our school answering machine is 24 hours.
Monday, September 10
Paperwork to office please.  Thank you!
Thursday, September 13
9:00-12:00 -  Photo Day.  Students will have individual photos taken that parents can purchase later.  More information to come.
6:15 PM – PAC meeting.  All parents are welcome.  Childcare is provided.
Friday, September 14
9:05-10:30  Kindergarten Parent Breakfast – 9:05 – 10:30  More info to come.
1:00 PM   Terry Fox Walk
Vice Principal’s Message
I’d like to give a heartfelt thank you the Tillicum community for their warm welcomes during my first week as Vice Principal. It has been a pleasure meeting the staff, students, families, and community partners with whom I’ll be working over the next year. I can honestly say that the Tillicum community is unique among Vancouver schools and is truly a caring, tight-knit place focused on positive student learning. My door is always open, and I am looking forward to a great year ahead. Have a safe and restful weekend.
Brad Toews.
Papers, Papers, Papers!  
Sorry for all the paperwork we’ve sent home for you to fill out, sign, and return.  Your assistance in getting to this promptly is appreciated.  If you haven’t turned in your paperwork yet, please do so by Tuesday.
Agendas – Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4 students only
If your child is in divisions 1-4, they should have received a white “agenda” form.  The cost for each child is $5.00    Please send in $5.00 for the beautiful agendas your child will receive.  Thank you.  Money should be given to the teacher, along with the completed form.
Student Insurance
If you wish to purchase insurance for your child, there are no longer forms available at the school.  Please go on line and apply there.  Thanks.
Hot Lunch Envelopes
If you wish your child to be on the Hot Lunch program during the month of September, you must return the envelope, signed and checked off.  We need these back by Tuesday 9:00 at the latest.
Reminder to check our website  and you are welcome to join us on our Facebook page: “Tillicum Community Annex”.
Have a great weekend.
June 19
VP's Newsletter for June 19-28

Dear Parents and Guardians,

 There are many events happening as we countdown to the end of the school year. The staff and students have met the new Vice Principal for next year, Mr. Brad Toews.  Mr. Toews came last Friday to meet as many staff and students as possible.  He is looking forward to coming here in September. 
Our students enjoyed a great week of Gym Sense with Shoane.  Today is our final “Books For Me” this year. It is a great program that provides quality books for each student.  We are so fortunate to have this program at Tillicum.  
I have been invited to the Grade 4 luncheon on Wednesday.  What a great honour as space is limited and invitations are coveted.  This is just for our grade 4 students and a few staff members, and is served and organized by our grade 3 students.
I am looking forward to the Talent Show on Friday.  I hear Mr. Koe is quite the showman.  Parents, if you are able to join us at 1:30 PM on Friday, please be on time as the show will start right away.
The weather is very hot this week, so be sure to send your children with a water bottle, sunscreen, a hat, and cool clothing.   Summer is almost here, but we have summer weather happening!
Cindy Neufeld
From the office:
I apologize for the late “Friday email message” as I’ve been away.
WALKATHON PLEDGE MONEY:  The PAC has asked us to pass on a message that there are still a lot of Walkathon pledge sheets and money that have not been turned in.  The deadline was last Friday for your children to be counted in the draw but it has been extended to today at 3:10 PM.  The PAC would appreciate any additional Walkathon funds to be turned in by the end of the week, so they can complete their paperwork before the end of the school year.  Thank you all for your efforts to make this year’s Walkathon a success to raise money for our school programs.
Wednesday, June 20
          12:00 PM – Grade 4 luncheon (for students only)
Friday, June 22
          1:30 PM – Tillicum Talent Show (parents are invited)
          PAC Walkathon Prizes announced
Tuesday, June 26
          Birthday Day!
          Last Day of StrongStart
Wednesday, June 27
          1:30-2:15 – Grade 4 Graduation (parents are invited)
          3:00 PM – Report cards go home
Thursday, June 28
          Last Day of School!
1:15-2:00 PM – Year End Assembly and 2017-2018 Slide Show (parents are invited)
Please check the bulletin boards outside the office for a variety of summer activities.
June 07
VP'S Newsletter for June 8-15

June 7, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are down to the final three weeks of school.  Thank you to those that made it to the fabulous dance performance.  The students were entertaining and amazing in all their dances.  Special thanks to Georgia for the choreography and to the PAC for bringing this artistic endeavour to the school.  What a great show!
It has been a great year here at Tillicum and I have appreciated the warm welcome.  I have been transferred to Weir Elementary for September, so I will be leaving Tillicum at the end of this school year.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your children.  Mr. Brad Toews will be coming as the new VP here.  He comes from Secord Elementary, and I am sure you will enjoy having him here. 
As we wind down the school year it is important that your children continue to get to school on time and show up ready to learn and be part of the many events going on this month.
Cindy Neufeld
Tillicum VP
Please advise the school office:
·      each day, if your child will be arriving late for class or will be away from school
·      If your family will be moving over the summer
·      If your child will be attending a different school in September
·      If your child will be going on vacation before the final day of school, June 28.
You can either phone the school at 604-713-4716 and speak to Ms Holmlund or leave a message on the answering machine, or you can send an email to
SCHOOL PHOTOS: Panoramic, Grade 4s, and Classroom Photos
PANORAMIC PHOTO:   Envelopes were sent home last week in case families wished to purchase the $15.00 panoramic photo of all Tillicum staff and students.  Please get these to the office by TUESDAY, June 12, 9:00 AM.  We will be sending the orders to the photographer Tuesday morning.
 GRADE FOUR PHOTOS:  Today we received a lovely 8x10 photo of just our Grade 4 Students celebrating their graduation year from Tillicum.  We have sent home an envelope with each of the Grade 4 students; the cost is $10.00.  If you would like to purchase this keepsake, please return the envelope to the office by TUESDAY, June 12, 9:00 AM.  We will be sending the orders to the photographer Tuesday morning.
 CLASSROOM PHOTOS:  Today we will be sending home the free class photos.  There is enough for one for every child.  If you would like a second photo for your family situation, please let the office or the classroom teacher know asap and we will try to find a solution for this.  In some cases, there might be additional photos available.
 The PAC would like to let you know that all Walkathon funds should be in the office by Friday, June 15.   There are more Walkathon sheets outside the office, if your child raises more donations.  Thank you to all our parents and students and to the PAC for this great fundraiser.
FRIDAY, JUNE 8 – Tomorrow!  There will be no classes on Friday.  Students do not attend school.

MONDAY, JUNE 11 – FRIDAY, JUNE 15 – Gymnastics each day for all students.  Please send your children to school wearing clothing which allows them to fully participate in gymnastics.

Thank you.


June 01
VP's Newsletter for June 4-8

Friday, June 1, 2018

 Dear Parents and Guardians!
From the VP: 
“Wow, time has flown by this year.  It is hard to believe we are in the last month of the 2017-2018 school year!  See below for information on how to purchase the 2017-2018 Panoramic Photo of our staff and students.
Our students are busy in June preparing for a talent show, a dance performance, and many other activities.  Please note all the special events on the calendar on our website and outside the office.  Next week’s events are listed below.
Parents are encouraged to attend all events that showcase their children.  This week we are hosting a Volunteer Tea at 11:00 AM on Tuesday.   We look forward to seeing you there, if you have volunteered your time at Tillicum during the year.  Arts Umbrella returns to the school this week to do Theatre Arts with the classes from Tuesday to Thursday. The track and field members have their big meet on Tuesday, June 5.  Join them at Van Tech between 10:00 am and 3:00 PM to cheer on the athletes.  Friday, June 8, the staff will be at a professional development workshop.  Students do not attend this day.   Enjoy your long weekend!
Cindy Neufeld
Vice Principal
The PAC Walkathon was this afternoon at 1:30 PM.  If your child has Walkathon pledges, please bring the funds to the office next week.
·       Please write your child’s name and division on the form.
·       Wait until all pledged funds have been collected before returning the form to the office.
·       Once your child’s pledge form has been returned, your child can still collect new pledges by using the forms outside the office. 
Tuesday, June 5:
·       Arts Umbrella will be here all day doing drama workshops
·       10:00-3:00 – Track & Field “Big Meet” at Van Tech
·       11:00-12:00 – Volunteer Tea
Wednesday, June 6:
·       Arts Umbrella will be here all day doing drama workshops
·       “Dance with Georgia” rehearsals will be in the morning
·       1:30-2:30 PM – Dance Performance (Parents are invited to attend.)
Thursday, June 7
·       Arts Umbrella will be here all day doing drama workshops
·       6:15-7:15 PM PAC Meeting.   Free Childminding.
Friday, June 8
·       Non-instructional Day – Students do not attend school
If your child will be away:  Parents, before 9:00 AM, please call the school or email if your child will be away or late arriving.  Thank you!
If your child is late:   Parents, if you have arrived at the school after 8:55 AM when the classes have left the undercover area, please sign your children in at the office and make sure they have a “Late” slip. 
  • This is for safety reasons.  One problem we often have is that parents have sometimes dropped off young children, expecting them to be able to go to the office and sign themselves in, get a late slip, and make it to their class on their own.  We have found children in the hallway, uncertain of what to do.
  • Also, please do not have your children by-pass the office and go straight to their classroom.  Students are marked Away if they are not at school on time, and the office needs to know they have arrived to change the Away to a Late.  Thank you!
Panorama Photo:  If you would like a copy of the school’s Panorama photo (all students and staff), please return the envelope sent home with your child today by Thursday, June 7.  You can see the actual photo on the bulletin board outside the office this week.
Thank you.  Have a wonderful weekend.
May 25
VP's Newsletter for May 28-June 1

Dear Tillicum Parents & Guardians!

Well, that might have been a shortened school week, but it was packed with events, including rollerblading lessons from Tuesday to Friday.  It was enjoyable to see how much our students increased their skills by the end of the week.  Thank you to the PAC for providing this wonderful experience for our students.
Next Year Info:   In our "PUBLICATIONS" area are two important documents we are asked to send home to all parents before the end of May each year. 
·       One is our 2018-2019 calendar which shows ALL next year’s school holidays, professional development days, and early dismissal days.  Please add these dates to your calendars and phone calendars!  
·       The second items is our standard letter advising parents about school fees.   Although last year the Vancouver School Board announced that the 2017-2018 year would be the last time the VSB would provide school supplies at the amazing discounted price of $25, they are able to offer this low price again in the 2018-19.  School fees at Tillicum are typically collected during the first week of October, and official receipts are provided at that time.  Please wait until School Fee Collection time before sending funds in.  Thank you.
For those on Facebook, a reminder that we have a site up now.  It’s also a good place for our Tillicum parents to ask other parents about services for families in our area, to share any local events happening, and to pass on any other share other appropriate Hastings/Sunrise info.  
If you’re not sure of whether an event announcement is okay for you to post, feel free to email us and we can help you with it.  We want to provide a place where our parents can chat with each other and provide help with local amenities.  
Summer's on its way, and that means sunny, hot days and shorts and sleeveless tops. (And for me in the office, it means a lot of skinned knees and elbows.) Parents, please continue to send water bottles to the school with your children -- hats, too!  And if applying sunscreen, looking for UNSCENTED types, to keep in mind our SCENT FREE policy. Thank you!
Our next PAC meeting is June 7 at 6:15 PM.  We encourage all parents and guardians to attend this final PAC meeting of the year.  Please mark it on your calendar and join us in a look back at this year and looking forward to the next.  Childminding is provided free of charge.
As a staff, we would like to thank the PAC for organizing the Staff Luncheon earlier this month.  It was a huge treat for us.  THANK YOU to all our amazing parents for the food and treats provided.  Please see our staff's thank-you card posted in the "PAC Newsletters" area
PAC Walkathon.  This week students will still be seeking sponsors for the Walkathon.  If you need more forms, you can get them from outside the office, or email us, and we can send you a copy to print out.  The Walkathon is this Friday at 1:30 PM, rain or shine…
Hot Lunch Envelopes are going home today.  It’s a little late this month, but we hope parents can still get the envelopes back by next Friday.  Please remember to SIGN the envelope and CHECK OFF the box that says we can feed your child!
Monday, May 28
·       1:10 – Student of the Month Assembly
Tuesday, May 29
·       1:00-3:00 PM  “Books for Me”
·       3:00-5:00 PM  Mini Track Meet at Van Tech
Wednesday, May 30
·       All day – “Dance With Georgia” dance lessons for all classes
·       10:45-12:10 – “Welcome to Tillicum”  - for new 2018-19 Kindergarten students
Friday, June 1
·       Lunch envelopes are due!  Please have them in by this date if you would like your child to be on the School Meal Program (Hot Lunch)
·       1:00-2:30 PM – “PAC Walkathon!”  
·       June 6 – 1:30 PM  Dance Performance!   Parents are invited to attend.
·       June 8 – Curriculum Development Day – Students do not attend school
·       June 22 – 1:30 PM  Tillicum’s Annual Talent Show – Parents are invited to attend.
June 2, Saturday, 12-4 PM.   One of our parents is involved with the Western Front, which is one of Canada’s leading artist-run centres for contemporary art and new music, founded in 1973.  They are hosting their free annual event for children on Saturday, June 2 from 12-4 PM at 303 E 8th Ave (near Kingsway and 8th.  The event is called “Adults are So Last Year”, and children can take part in a number of different workshops, games, and exercises.  They will also be barbecuing sausages and serving ice cream!  There are hard copies of the poster on postcards outside the school office.  Sounds like a lot of fun for everyone!
Have a wonderful weekend!
May 17
VP's Newsletter for May 18-25
Dear Parents and Guardians:
Sports Day was a great success!  Thank you to everyone who baked goodies, served food, and volunteered to make the day a fun one for all the students.  The staff worked hard to provide enjoyable events for the classes.  It’s one of Mr. Koe’s favourite days of the school year.
We had a fun morning of Camp Write-a-Lot on May 14.  Students did Musical Riddles, Piggie & Gerald Comics, and some funny Mad Libs.
There is a district closure day tomorrow, Friday, May 18, and a public holiday on Monday, May 21.  The school will reopen on Tuesday, May 22. 
Tuesday, May 22 is also School Photo Day!   The school Panorama Photo (with all students and staff) will happen first thing on Tuesday morning following attendance.  It’s important your child is on time on Tuesday so they can be a part of the photo! 
            8:55 AM – Morning bell, students go to class for attendance
            9:00 AM – Staff and students go out to the field for the Panorama photo and the staff photo.   After that, individual classroom photos will be taken during the following hour. 
Rollerblading:  Next week Westcoast Wheels will be here with rollerblading, so please ensure all students arrive to school ready to participate in the sport.  Long pants are suggested, and definitely socks, as they’ll be wearing rollerblades. 
Walkathon is fast approaching, and we’ve been asked by the PAC to remind everyone that this is the time to be looking for pledges.
We wish you all a safe, sunny, and happy extra-long weekend!

May 15
Sport's Day Schedule
Sports Day News!
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Thursday, May 17, is our annual Sports Day!   Students need to bring the following on that day:  
  • hats
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • running shoes
  • clothing appropriate for being outside and doing a lot of different  physical activities
Here is our schedule for the day.
8:55 AM – school begins outside in the undercover area, as usual.
9:45-10:00 AM – All students have a short recess break where they eat their snack.  Parents, please provide a snack for your child.  The PAC concession stand will not yet be open.
10:00 AM – All students meet for an assembly in the gym.
10:30-12:00 PM – Outside “stations” as students move as a class from one activity station to the next
12:10 – 1:00 PM -  Lunch time.  Students on the Hot Lunch Program will go to the gym for their lunch.  Others students may bring their lunch or go to the PAC concession stand area to purchase hot dogs and other snacks.  They should then go to the gym to have their lunch.
1:00 PM – Running relays and tug-of-war on the upper field
3:00 PM – Dismissal time from classrooms as usual
10:15 AM – 12:00 PM (for parents and siblings, not students)
$1.00  coffee or juice
$1.00  muffins and other baked goods
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (for everyone)
          $1.00  coffee or juice
          $1.00  hot dogs
          $1.00  chips
 Tillicum T-Shirts 
Also for sale  - a limited supply of surplus Tillicum T-Shirts (mainly small size) for $5-10 each

May 08
From the VP - The Big One report & Events May 7-11

Dear Parents and Guardians

The Big One @ 2pm on May 3
The school took part in the district-wide Big One Earthquake Drill on May 3.  Our students and staff all did the “drop and cover” for 60 seconds and then checked the area before safely exiting and meeting at the marshalling area on the field.  The students were very well behaved and cooperative during the drill.  We had to stay on the field until all Vancouver schools checked in and gave their report.  It went in alphabetical order, so Tillicum had to wait for a while!  Once reported that all students and staffed were accounted for, were safe, and no further assistance was needed, we were cleared to return to the building.  The staff took notes of any items needed or areas of attention to be addressed.  Overall, it was a successful drill.
Portable Planetarium on May 8
We had a lovely visit from the Planetarium today, and each division had the opportunity to go inside a large balloon and see the Polaris: Digital Portable Planetarium that was set up in our gym all day.  It was 23 x 23 x 12.5 feet!   With our tour guide, Peter, students were able to stand on Mars and look up at the galaxy, see the constellations, and then find their way back to Earth through the Milky Way. 
Van Gogh Arts Umbrella, May 7-9
Monday through to Wednesday this week each class will be participating in an arts program put on by the amazing “Arts Umbrella” program.
Dance with Georgia on May 9
Our dance program continues all day every Wednesday, and our big dance performance will be on June 6.  We hope you can join to see what our students have learned this year.
Thursday, May 10 is a busy day!
·       8:15 AM – Track and Field practise at Tillicum
·       11:30-1:30 – PAC’s Staff Appreciation Lunch
·       6:15 PM – PAC Meeting at Tillicum School
Friday, May 11
·       It’s Gardening Day – so remember to dress for the weather (a hat would be great if it’s sunny out!
·       9:30 AM  Kindergarten Dental Screening
·       3:00 PM  PAC Fundraiser hanging baskets pickup in the open area
·       3:00-6:00 PM  Hastings Spring Fair – see attached flyer
Coming soon!
·       May 17, Thursday – Sports Day!
·       May 18, Friday – Schools are closed,
·       May 21, Monday – Victoria Day Holiday
May 02
Thursday Earthquake and Friday Soap Info

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thursday and Friday News
THURSDAY:  Tomorrow at 2:00 PM is the District Earthquake Drill for all Vancouver Schools.  We will be dismissing students at 3:00 PM as usual.
In our "Publications" area, we have put a revised version of our instructions for parents on what to do if there actually was an earthquake or other emergency event in our area.  Please read it over as it is important our school community is aware of what to do if you are picking up students during that time.
If you have any questions, please contact the classroom teacher or the school office.
FRIDAY:  Please send a bar of soap (preferably unscented) with your child to school on Thursday or Friday.  On Friday there will be Felting Workshops, and the students will be using the soap to make some special projects.
April 23
Friday, April 27 - Tillicum Workshop - Cancelled

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Unfortunately, due to the renovations in the Library/Open Area, we will be unable to host the "Basic Behavior Management" program led by Trent Doiron.  We hope to revist this at a later time.  Thank you for your understanding.


Parent Workshop Opportunity: Basic Behavior Management

Please join Trent Doiron on Friday, April 27 for a day-long workshop covering the basics of Behavior Management.  The morning will be steeped in relevant theory and a few universal practices which should provide a solid foundation for problem-solving at home.  The afternoon will be tailored to the specific topics brought by you, our parent community.
Topics will include:
·       Motivations of behavior
·       Common misconceptions of behavior
·       Developing an approach of curiosity
·       General approaches that foster growth in our kids and our relationships
·       Boundary-setting
Snacks and beverages will be provided, thanks to the generosity of the Tillicum PAC.  Please note: Lunch and child care will not be provided.
Please RSVP with Trent Doiron by Wednesday, April 25 by e-mail  or voicemail 604.713.4720
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