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May 04
Class Placements 2018-19

At Thunderbird, the staff works very hard on making the best possible class placement for your child(ren). Factors considered are academic progress, individual learning styles, interactions between classmates, specific learning needs in different areas, gender balance, a balance of students requiring English Language support, and other insights provided by the current teachers who work with your child.
School organization and classroom makeup are also determined by many other factors such as: numbers of students registered in a grade, combinations of grades, staff allocation and teacher contract limits. Placing students is not an easy task and the professionals in our school invest a great deal of time and thought into the process.

If you have concerns/information which you feel the school does not already know please write a short note to Ms. Thomas (Principal) sharing this information. Letters naming staff members will not be considered. Please do not make appointments with teachers to discuss class placement at this very busy time of year. Any notes with additional information (friends in other divisions, etc.) should be in the office by Friday May 25th 2017.

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