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May 23
Point Grey Track and Field Finals

Our Junior and Senior Tennyson athletes competed with pride during our District-wide Finals meet on Wednesday, May 23rd.  The Grade 3 to 7 students showed excellent effort and form during sprints, relays, shot put, high jump and long jump events. Bravo!  A big thank you to all our parent coaches, organizers and teacher sponsors for their dedication and excellence in preparing our students for this competition. 

IMG_0419.jpg  IMG_0183.JPG

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May 22
UBC's Geering Up for Science workshops

All the classes at Tennyson had an exciting opportunity to learn more about biology, chemistry and physics from UBC’s Geering Up for Science students.  Taught in French, the students learned about molecules, ecosystems, forces and electricity depending on the grade level.  The classes especially enjoyed participating in interactive experiments and hands-on projects. Thank you to Tennyson PAC for sponsoring such a great learning opportunity for all our students.IMG_0400.jpg

April 29
Track and Field

Track and Field season is well on the way at Tennyson Elementary School. The students are practicing diligently three mornings a week in many different events such as high jump, long jump, shot put, relays and sprints.  On Wednesday, April 25th, Jenny Carrique from Thunderbirds Track Club, coached our students in high jump and relays. Big thank you to all our parent and teacher coaches for giving their time and expertise during this season.



April 29
Keep Kitsilano Spectacular Community Cleanup Event

It was a spectacular sunny April day and the students of all ages at Tennyson Elementary participated in the Keep Vancouver Spectacular neighbourhood cleanup event.  The students celebrating Earth Week, removed litter on the streets near and around the school to keep their community clean. Big thank you to M. Roch for organizing this fantastic community event.  Also, thank you to Mme Simone and her class for putting together a beautiful Earth Day mural for the foyer of our school. ​




March 17
Poetry Café

Students in Divisions 6 and 8, put on a very special afternoon of poetry reading for their parent audiences. They did an outstanding work not only with presenting their poems but also with organizing ticket sales, seating and refreshments for their in class parent audience.  The poems read, ranged from bio-poems to haikus, concrete and free verse. Students entertained their audience with insightful and amusing readings. Thank you to Mme Lauren and to Mme Perron for organizing such a great event with their classes. 


March 17
Do Bugs Need Drugs?

In March, the Grade 2 classes at Tennyson welcomed UBC students presenting a community health education program called, Do Bugs Need Drugs?  Tennyson Grade 2s learned about the importance of washing their hands to stay healthy and to stop the spread of infections.  As a result of participating in this program, the students are able to tell the difference between viruses and bacteria and when antibiotics should be used. Students seemed to really enjoy this interactive, fun and useful presentation!


March 17
Poultry in Motion

On Thursday, March 15th, 2018, the students at Tennyson Elementary School had an excellent opportunity to learn about farming methods and chicken raising in BC. This special program, called Poultry in Motion, came to our school in a mini-replica poultry barn. It gave our students a glimpse into local chicken farming and care. A big thank you to M. Carrier for organizing this visit for all classes!

IMG_0197.jpg       IMG_0193.jpg

March 05
Author Susan Neilson visits Tennyson!

The Grade 6 and 7 classes hosted a visit by well-known Canadian author Susan Nielsen.  She spoke about following one’s passion in writing or in whatever one enjoys doing, and how important it is to always strive for one’s best – that this is achieved through resilience and learning through one’s mistakes and challenges, and to not be afraid to try again.  The students (and teachers!) enjoyed her humorous anecdotes, her tips on being a good reader and writer, and even heard her read just a bit of her upcoming book!  A big thank you to Mme Côté for organizing the visit, to our PAC for sponsoring it, and to our Gr 6 and 7 teachers for their participation!​

Susan Neilson 1.jpg


March 05
​Inuit Soapstone Carving
Students in Divisions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 had an opportunity to learn more about the Inuit art technique called soapstone carving. The Grade 3 and 4 students learned how to carve Canadian animals using the Inuit art technique. Soapstone carvings have been used in Inuit culture to express Inuit stories and their way of life. Using soapstone carvings, the Inuit peoples preserve and pass on life stories of incredible skill and resourcefulness from one generation to the next. The carved objects depict day to day activities that the Inuit were involved in such as hunting. Tennyson students have explored this skillful Inuit art technique and have shown appreciation for the Inuit art and way of life. Bravo! 
March 01
Pink Shirt Day and Acts of Kindness
Tennyson students, staff, and parents were decked out in pink on February 28th for Pink Shirt Day (Journée du Chandail Rose).  The purpose of Pink Shirt Day is to honour diversity and inclusion in our school and neighbourhood communities, to promote kindness, empathy, and compassion, and to ensure that all members of our community feel valued and respected.  Did you know the Pink Shirt Day originated on the east coast of Canada?  Several students at a high school came to the aid of a peer who had been teased repeatedly for being who he was, and they wore pink shirts in support.  The movement grew from there.  At our assembly, student leaders led the event.  We had a wonderful video featuring Tennyson students talking about what kindess means to them, our grade two classes presenting a variety of songs related to making kind choices, and we sang the Tennyson song, and danced in celebration.  A big thank you to all of the students and staff members involved in making the day a success! Please help us to continue promoting kindness, inclusion, empathy, and compassion within our community!

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