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March 01
Pink Shirt Day and Acts of Kindness
Tennyson students, staff, and parents were decked out in pink on February 28th for Pink Shirt Day (Journée du Chandail Rose).  The purpose of Pink Shirt Day is to honour diversity and inclusion in our school and neighbourhood communities, to promote kindness, empathy, and compassion, and to ensure that all members of our community feel valued and respected.  Did you know the Pink Shirt Day originated on the east coast of Canada?  Several students at a high school came to the aid of a peer who had been teased repeatedly for being who he was, and they wore pink shirts in support.  The movement grew from there.  At our assembly, student leaders led the event.  We had a wonderful video featuring Tennyson students talking about what kindess means to them, our grade two classes presenting a variety of songs related to making kind choices, and we sang the Tennyson song, and danced in celebration.  A big thank you to all of the students and staff members involved in making the day a success! Please help us to continue promoting kindness, inclusion, empathy, and compassion within our community!

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