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May 30
Grade 6 Camp

I was delighted to have the opportunity to go with the Grade 6 students and teachers to Camp Elphinstone.  We were fully prepared by the weather forecast to expect three days of rain.  Ms. Chomyn's quote "There is no bad weather only bad clothing" and Ms. Collins packing demonstration had us well prepared.  The sun decided to make an appearance many times and even had us using our sunscreen!  Both ferry rides were spectacular.  We live is such a great place!

Camp Elphinstone is to be commended for it's efforts to fully engage students in their camp experience.  Active participation games like running Pictionary, involved all students.  Station events provided first time experiences for our students.  These activities included archery, climbing on the low ropes, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and shelter building.  The food was amazing and plentiful.  You can see on our twitter feed that the brownies warranted photos and Ms. Harris swears the Mac and Cheese was the best she's eaten outside of New York.  The First Aid staff were well trained and able to provide assistance when needed.  It was my first time at this camp and I certainly understand why Tecumseh continues to go back each year. 

Kudos go to the Tecumseh staff, Ms. Chomyn, Mr. Haikonen, Mr. Larson, Ms. Collins, Ms. Harris, and Ms. Smith (our counsellor).  They not only devoted their lives to two nights away from home, but also planned the trip down to the last detail.  Camp Elphinstone staff even marveled at their organization. We were fortunate to have a visit from Mr. McNicholl which delighted teachers and students alike.  They say that students do better in school when they have adults in their lives who care and take the time to get to know them.  Our students are very fortunate to have such a devoted group of teachers who are willing to put their time and energy into providing the support for our students to develop into young people who believe in themselves. 

For those of our students who have never had a camp experience, they learned about one the fun possibilities to include in their lives.  They also had the chance to make new friends and laugh and giggle and run and celebrate accomplishments.  All of our students were encouraged to take the risk to try new things.  I wish you could have seen the faces of kids catching a fish or popping out of the icy cold water after a morning dip in the ocean.  Priceless!  Kids also learned that they can take responsibility for themselves and be proud that they are becoming independent young people.   You can be proud of the kindness and consideration demonstrated by your children.  They were supportive of their peers and great fun to take away on this adventure. 

Check out the the VSB website or the twitter feed on our home page to see pictures of students with signed media consent forms.​

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