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Quick Launch

February 13

​School is back open today. Please dress warm and get to and from safely. 

February 12
February 11

​See everyone today. Be sure to dress for the weather.

November 14
Update RE: Gas Smell

November 14th, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This letter is to inform you of an incident that occurred today, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.  At approximately 9:15am, a strong gas smell was noticed inside Lord Selkirk South Wing and Main building.  Fortis BC Gas and VSB operations were immediately called to come investigate. In order to take precautionary measures, the two buildings was evacuated to our gathering area on the gravel field. The buildings were assessed by Fortis BC Gas and VSB operations. No gas leaks or surges were discovered.  We returned safely to the building at approximately 10:00 am. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at 604-713-5460.​

November 14
Principal's Message - November

​​Dear Parents and Guardians, 

As we find ourselves halfway through term one and moving at a typical Selkirk pace, I have been reflecting on our theme of gratitude and thankfulness (Selkirk theme for November). Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has, as opposed to what one wants or thinks they need. Studies show that cultivating gratitude deliberately each day can increase overall happiness and change our thought patterns. This can result in overall increase in well-being, health and happiness. 

One thing we are grateful for in our country are the freedoms we have. We have rights and many freedoms which we are all equally entitled to. Our diversity is not only accepted but it is encouraged. Each way we are different is valid and no one way is better than the other. We are grateful to live in a community where our diversity is shown through the many types of families we have, different cultures represented, and the different ways people identify themselves and appear. We promote acceptance and inclusion of all people in our community and country. We are fortunate to be part of a place that celebrates diversity. As Mr. Fred Rogers said, “To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way they are, right here and now.” 

With the recognition of Remembrance Day at our assemblies, students reflected on what they are grateful for. Their comments ranged from being grateful for their families, to the right they all have to go to school, to their freedom to express who they are without experiencing discrimination. This process of self-reflection on gratitude helps children become increasingly self-aware and encourage positive well-being. 

Having daily discussions about gratitude with your child is an excellent way to promote self-awareness and well-being. Robert Emmons, a leading gratitude researcher at UB Berkley, offers many research tested strategies for becoming a more grateful person ( 

We work together, families and the school staff, in a team approach to support the development of children. Parent support in this endeavor is paramount and a key in successful partnerships. If you have any questions about supports available for your child please contact me. 

The rest of the newsletter has important information about what is happening at Selkirk this and next month. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you around the school. As always, my door is always open.​

September 20
Principal's Message - September

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We have had a fantastic first two weeks at Lord Selkirk. I am thrilled to be returning for a third year as Principal of this strong supportive community. We have so many positive supports here for the students at Lord Selkirk and we value our relationship with parents as partners in education. 

With the beginning of the new school year, I always find it good to reflect on the importance and power of vulnerability. Changes often place us in vulnerable situations as we are going from a place of comfort to a place of discomfort or unfamiliarity. Often these transitions can be scary or difficult. Students may feel vulnerable in these new phases of their lives. This is an opportune time to help students develop courage. The courage to begin a new year in a new class, possibly with new friends. 

Brene Brown writes about the power of vulnerability- “We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we cannot have both.” This resonates for us in education as we want children to be courageous and strong. It is by embracing challenges and places that are not always comfortable that one can find great opportunity to grow and develop. With positive adult support, students can choose courage and feel strength in their experiences. The staff at Lord Selkirk is excited to be embarking on a new journey with all the students and families.  

We have our Meet the Teacher and Selkirk Staff on Thursday September 20th from 6 pm-7 pm. This is a fantastic time to come and meet some of the school staff that support your children over the year, including our teacher librarian, administration, physical education staff, inner city support staff and of course classroom teachers. Please go to meet your classroom teacher to get a passport when you arrive.

This is the only newsletter that will be going home on paper. Please bookmark the Lord Selkirk website so that you can check regularly. In addition, I will be sending out our school newsletter via email. If you do not receive it please let the office know.

My door is always open if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you for your continued support of Lord Selkirk School. 


Shannon Burton​

September 07
We are excited for new classes today!

Dear Parents,


The first week of school is coming to a close and we are now ready to move into our new classes. Thank you for your patience and support of our first few days of start up. The students have spent time over the past few days getting to know each other, the staff and also reviewing school wide expected behaviour. 


At 3:00 today, please pick up your child(ren) in the following areas:

-French Immersion Primary: Outside Music Portable 

-English Primary: Outside Frame Building 

-English and French Intermediate: pick up in your usual location 


Staff have taken great care to think and discuss the placement of children into classes. Various factors are taken into consideration including learning needs, social dynamics, gender (when possible and relevant). Staff have looked to build on opportunities for students to develop independence and also create new friendships. After this week of observing students and their developmental changes over the summer, we are confident that the children are in the best possible placements to support their learning.  Once students are in their classes they will not be moved. 


I will be communicating more information in a newsletter. Please also keep your eyes open for our office package that will be coming home next week.  Also, important information will be posted on our Selkirk Website at

The Selkirk PAC would like to invite you to a Welcome Back Tea on Thursday September 13that 9:15 am (after drop off) in the library. 


We look forward to a productive engaging and positive year together. 


Warm Regards, 

Ms. Burton 

Principal ​

June 19
Principal's Message- June

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We have arrived – we are now in the last three weeks of the 2017-2018 school year! Thank you all for being a part of the our amazing community here at Selkirk. Looking back on the great things that have been accomplished this year, it is hard to believe they occurred within the span of only 9 months.  

We had so much learning take place, from learning our As and Bs, to learning how to write a magazine publication(see attached), learning how to code computer programs, starting Selkirk’s Community Garden, developing a sense of volunteerism, and learning all about how to self-regulate our bodies and our minds. Students at Selkirk demonstrated their athletic abilities, musical talent and overall well roundedness throughout the year. It is truly inspiring to see students form relationships and learned ways to engage in creative positive play outside. Next year, we will continue to be focusing on social emotional well being- self-awareness and self-management and responsible decision making as our focus.

It has been such an absolute pleasure to work with the Selkirk Community this year. The PAC and PAC executive are an admirable group of hardworking individuals committed to improving education and supporting their school. This is a strong community which is the backbone quality for achieving greatness in education.

I hope you have a wonderful and safe summer.


We will be posting information regarding school start up on our website in the next few weeks. Please check it regularly.


As always, my door is open if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.​ 

Mme. Burton

April 12
Principal's Message - April

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are now in the home stretch of the school year. It is hard to believe that we have had 8 months fly by. April is a time for planning for the next school year, while simultaneously learning and moving vigorously forward.

This newsletter contains key information for parents. First and foremost, if your status has changed for next year and now you are moving, or alternatively you would now like to stay, please let the office know right away. School organization and class casting are dependent on numbers. A change of one student can cause an entire shift in school organization.

We strive at Lord Selkirk to make social emotional learning an important part of school. At this point in the year, as students get prepared for the next grade, we encourage increased independence and responsibility. Students are expected to show increasing ability to make good decisions, and to take responsibility for their learning. We are beginning several new initiatives here at Lord Selkirk to help improve children’s ability to navigate daily life. Grade 5 and 6 students will be trained by Ms Burton and the Changemakers Team as peer leaders and helpers. We are teaching students to learn how to problem solve and use kindness, open minded ness and critical thinking when dealing with conflict. This ability to navigate challenges is a life skill that will help students be successful across all environments.

At home you can encourage these things by giving your children small tasks and by talking about the processes they use to solve conflict and problems. This responsibility and reflection are important parts of learning.

I hope to see you soon. As always, my door is open if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Mme Burton​

March 14
March Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians:


Only one more week until Spring Break. What a wonderful term it has been at Lord Selkirk. There have been many great activities this term both in and out of the classroom -presentations on kindness for Pink Day, building mechanisms with STEM materials, First Nations drumming lessons, coding projects, 100 day projects, Hawaiian dance lessons, badminton try outs, basketball team success, a whole school field trip and many more activities and educational excursions. 

As we move into spring (officially on Tuesday March 20th,) I think about growth.  One of our goals as educators and parents is to promote student growth in the areas of academics, athletics, social/emotional and the arts. I like to compare our role to one of a gardener, with the students being the flowers planted in the garden. Just as the flowers require watering and sunlight to fully bloom, our students need nurturing, patience, and to be taught and guided. At the parent session last month, I shared information on Carol Dweck’s teachings. She talks growth and success in relation to mindsets. As parents and educators we want to encourage students to develop a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. In a fixed mindset, students desire to be smart in every situation and question “will I succeed or fail?” or “will I look smart or dumb?” In a growth mindset, students want to take risks and learn and they question “will this allow me to grow?” or “will this help me overcome my challenges?” Often in a fixed mindset, students have trouble and/or ignore constructive criticism; whereas in a growth mindset, we learn from criticism to further improve. As conferences take place this week, this is a wonderful opportunity to work with the children to help them develop a growth mindset. Rather than looking at feedback as a static indicator of ability, help your child to question what growth they had since last term, and what they can learn from to help them do better after Spring Break.  Developing a more growth mindset in our learners is one of the main reasons for a shift in reporting to be focused on ongoing communication of student learning.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Lord Selkirk Elementary for all their amazing work with our kids. The children here are truly well supported. Thank you to the wonderful parent community for their support of all the programs here at Selkirk and for being positive partners in education. It is by working together that we have the greatest impact on the children.

            I would also like welcome Mme Aimee and Mme St-Onge back from maternity leave. Have a restful and rejuvenating Spring Break. We will see you on Tuesday April 3rd for the first day back.




Mme Burton,


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