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February 29
Selkirk Kindergarten Student Brings a Kindness Challenge to All!

​At Selkirk's recent Pink Day assembly, where the message of how to erase bullying through accepting and honouring the wonderful diversity that exists in our community was key, one young student offered a challenge for the whole school. Wyatt, who is in Kindergarten, spoke to the students and staff about what kindness looks like.  Speaking eloquently at the microphone, he offered a challenge to the whole community, encouraging everyone to engage in acts of kindness every day.  Along with his family, he created a series of bookmarks.  These bookmarks, which promote the message of kindness, were distributed to classes.  The task for Selkirk students was to personalize the bookmarks, and to place them in random library books so that others will find them at some point in time, and be reminded of this message.  During the bookmark creation, students have opportunity to reflect upon what kindness "looks like", and to plan how they will be kind to others, and accepting of diversity.  This is in keeping with Selkirk's motto: "Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others, and Take Care of This Place".  Thank you, Wyatt, for bringing this important message to the whole Selkirk community!

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