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February 25
Staples Sustainability Contest

Remember the Staples Sustainability Contest that DT won a computer lab last year? Well, Oppenheimer decided to pursue it this school year and after two months of hard work with a DT Math/Web teacher, Ms. Persis Hui and 3 of her former and current DT students, Braden, Brendon & Lelinh on the essay, video script and filming along with my 5 grade 6/7 students and teacher, Ms. Andrea Greehalgh. As of last Friday, we submitted our online application to Staples. Please take a look @ the video link: We are keeping our fingers & toes crossed for the results.

If we win the only 'one' regional prize, then our school will be set to furnish our computer lab with iPads. However, if we don't, by default, we will work on the 3R project. Regardless, it's a 'win win' for Oppenheimer, not to mention of the wealth and depth of experience that my 5 students gained through this contest.
It's truly PLC (Professional Learning Community) @ its best! My teacher, Ms. Greenhalgh & I feel truly honoured to be working such a professional and committed team @ DT! Enjoy and have a great week ahead! Celina
"When we respect differences and approach them thoughtfully and open-mindedly, we give others the key not only to opening many closed doors – but even to creating their own new doors to the future.” - Anonymous

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