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Quick Launch

February 04
Multicultural Celebrations

Dear families,

As you may be aware, we are planning a variety of classroom and school wide activities to celebrate our multicultural community.  The Family Day long weekend will launch the festivities into the week of February 10th through to the 14th.

 Parents are welcome to join us at one of our assemblies where there will be Multicultural Performances by students in Divisions 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 18 , 19 & 23 as well as our Kindergarten classes and grade 6 choir.

 ·      Performances will be on Wednesday, February 10th at 11:00am and at 1:00pm. 

 Other ways to support the festivities include:

 ·     On Wednesday, February 10th, in celebration of the Lunar New Year – students and staff will be wearing red and gold.

·      On Thursday, February 11th, in celebration of our multicultural community – Students & staff are invited to bring in and share:

o   Traditional Clothing

o   Examples of games or activities played by children

o   Foods from your country

o   Demonstration of languages (teaching a word or phrase)

o   Music, cultural artifacts or objects with significant meaning

·      Plan to attend the Chinatown Parade on Sunday, February 14th where our some of our students will be joining in the festivities.  For more information:

 There are a variety of other activities and performances that will be enjoyed by students throughout the week and we are all looking forward to celebrating our rich multicultural community.

 Thank you for your support!

January 31
February Coffee and Chat

​Our Social Emotional  parent series continued in January as Mara St. Onge, Youth and Family Worker from our SELC, presented a session titled:  How is Your Child Feeling?  Mara shared tips and pointers on how to recognize your child’s emotions and support them lovingly.  This session provided an opportunity for open discussion for questions around tantrums, stress, anxiety, depression.

Next Coffee & Chat will be February 26th:  February's presenter will be Molly Lawlor, Social Emotional Learning Consultant; Director of Curriculum at Taxi Dog Educational Programs​

  • ​Come and learn more about the Taxi Dog Educational Curriculum is a new and innovative educational program. Through curriculum materials, including books, videos, and puppets, the “Taxi Dog Curriculum” covers the five competencies of social and emotional learning (SEL) as delineated by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL; and aligns with the district’s mission to help students develop a positive sense of themselves in their social responsibility and academic competence. 


November 01
October Coffee & Chat

At our October Coffee & Chat, Emi Garzitto, our area counsellor provided an overview of anxiety and the role we play as adults in creating environments that help children practice resilience strategies.  This session also provided practical ideas for both adults and children in developing strategies that manage anxiety.​  The requested handout from the presentation is attached for parents.  Join us for our November session - tentatively scheduled for Friday, November 20th at 9:00am.​What Adults Can Do for Children's Anxiety.pdfWhat Adults Can Do for Children's Anxiety.pdf

June 17
Explore, learn and discover throughout July and August


ancouver Learning City and partners will soon be launching Vancouver’s Summer of Learning

Vancouver Learning City and community partners will soon be launching the Summer of Learning, a two-month program encouraging Vancouverites of all ages to explore, learn and discover throughout the city.

Running through July and August, the Summer of Learning will feature events, self-guided experiences and photo challenges – complete with prizes including special behind-the-scenes access to some of Vancouver’s top attractions.

Register for Summer of Learning online ( or at any VPL branch, where you can pick up your free Summer of Learning journal. Plan your week at, which makes it easier than ever to find what interests you, then set out to explore.

Registration opens soon! Please check the website for updates.


Vancouver Learning City’s current members are: Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver Board of Education, Langara College, Simon Fraser University, the University of B.C., Emily Carr University of Art + Design, the City of Vancouver (social policy and projects), Mozilla Foundation and Ashoka Canada.

Summer of Learning community partners include: UBC Farm; B.C. Institute of Technology; The Natural Step; Irving K. Barber Learning Centre; Beaty Biodiversity Museum; UBC Museum of Anthropology; Vancouver Opera; Vancouver Maritime Museum; Vancouver Art Gallery; Jewish Museum and Archives of B.C.; Vancouver Aquarium; Goh Ballet; and Science World.


Polly Argo

Program Coordinator |Summer of Learning

Vancouver Public Library


May 19
​Books for Breakfast & Parent Coffee & Chat - May 26th


Please join us for our last Coffee & Chat of the school year on May 26th from 9:00 – 10:30.  We will be sharing school planning directions and are seeking parent input to help us build strong home school connections. 

Thinking about student learning and community:

How can we support strong home-school communication?

What are some good strategies to support home-school connections – bridging learning?

What would parents like to know more about?  Learn about?

What are positive ways of building community?

How can we support learning in our children’s classrooms?​

April 20
Parents please join us this Friday, April 24th

images.jpg   GREATEST VP.png

Please join us for coffee and conversation
When:   Friday, April 24th, 9:00 - 9:45
Where: Norquay's staffroom/library
What:   Part II -  with Dr Emi Garzitto.  We will be talking about Neuroplasticity and Anxiety and what parents can do to support the anxious brain?  How can we go from worried and nervous to calm and relaxed?
This topic aligns with staff conversations and school planning.  Any other topics of interest or conversation can also be shared and discussed.

Check out the link below which highlights Norquay's Social Emotional Learning Center
Morning refreshments provided.


Our next Books for Breakfast is on Friday, April 24th at 8:30.  Come join us for morning goodies, coffee and share a new book with your child!​

February 11
Coffee and Chat - please join us!
images.jpg   GREATEST VP.png

Please join us for coffee and conversation
When:   Friday, March 27, 9:00 - 9:45
Where: Norquay's staffroom/library
What:   Home and school working together:  Social Emotional learning & How Movement is good for the Brain - latest research on neuroplasticity. 
This topic aligns with staff conversations and school planning.  Any other topics of interest or conversation can also be shared and discussed.

Check out the link below which highlights Norquay's Social Emotional Learning Center
Morning refreshments provided.

Check out the links below for ideas and connections in our community. (Point and click)
January 21

Tuesday, January 27th is Family Literacy Day!

Let's all get off to a reading start - come join us in the lunchroom for a hearty breakfast of books and baked goods. 

untitled1.png8:30 - 9:00 in our Lunchroom

Check out the links below for ideas and connections in our community. (Point and click)

VPL celebrates Family Literacy

The path to Literacy begins at home

January 12
It's Poetry Month at Norquay!

What are some of your favourite poems?  We invite you to share!


At our January assembly, we were welcomed into the new year by division 2's presentation of their Poetry Cafe!  Not only did they share their wonderful words, they also invited the entire school to participate by sharing their favourites or creating their own poems and taking part in "POEM IN YOUR POCKET WEEK".  I thought I'd share some of the favourites from the assembly here as was difficult to choose!  

Performances Are Scary!  by Michelle & Lyanne

I would be lying

If I said I enjoyed performing.

Standing here,

I feel the anxiety build up inside me.

1000 eyes staring at me,

I start to feel my hands tremble.

I stare out at the 1000 eyes,


​Performances are still scary!

Ode To The Chicken by Jafnel

O, chicken!

I lay your roasted body over a bed of fresh potatoes.


Your sweet juices flow from your succulent flesh,

And glisten your crispy, golden skin.


You are perfection!


I ferociously rip away

Your legs from your thighs

And I take a big bite.

I repeat! Oh I repeat!


I fall into a trance!

I lose myself in your subtle yet complex flavours.

 Your warm meat and well-seasoned skin

Take me to a magical place.

 Your fragrance fills my nostrils,

With savory aromas of garlic and rosemary.

 O, chicken!

You make my mouth water!

photo 5.JPG

Ode To Bread - by Maxwell & Johnny M

Oh bread, you’re as plain as we can see,

Delicious and fluffy you can be.

Melted butter we shall spread,

Upon your soft and fluffy head.

As a cooking ingredient you are used,

With other food you are infused.


Your deliciousness I can’t resist,

Without you I wouldn’t exist.

With many meals you can be paired,

And with many friends you can be shared.

Hold on I’ll BRB,

I just can’t resist you as a BLT.

Soon you will live in my tummy,

And taste super yummy.

But as I take a bite from your head,

I finally realize that you are … dead … ​ 

photo 2.JPG

Reading is …a collaborative poem by the students in Division 2

A divine journey

To a magical


A thrilling,


Packed with emotion.

It influences

Our knowledge


Our travels

And fuels

Our creativity.

A thought provoking


That demands

Us to be present,

To let our imaginations


And to acknowledge our dreams.

Reading is


Reading is


January 04

images copy 4.jpeg

My son and I were talking about new year resolutions being sometimes risky in that we set the bar too high making promises of 'always' or quantifying what we hope to accomplish.  We both agreed that we were going to step into the new year with a 'more of' or  'less of' or 'try something new' mindset.  I look forward to what that will look like!

Among some of my resolutions being shared at school are:

  • more of.....​getting back to my 'reading roots' and reading more picture books -  sharing titles with students and teachers is wonderful.   Learning about new titles from fellow readers is even better! I'll try to blog some of these new titles every once in a while for parents to check out too.
  • less of ...getting stuck in the paper trail and email trap....getting into classrooms more - visiting - learning!
  • something's all about getting to know my new Norquay community!
"Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.” ― Diane Duane, So You Want to Be a Wizard​

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