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October 22
Gurleen's Perspective -- The School of Awesomeness:  Our Learning Space

By Student Blogger Gurleen​

Why I like Norma Rose Point!!!

I’ve never seen a school like this before. It has bean bags, cool balconies, awesome wiggly chairs, and the best staff in the world. They all have a positive attitude. I bet this school would win an Oscar for the best school ever. The feature, awesomeness, is the type of thing I could die for. I really mean it if you haven’t seen it. Please come and visit, I guarantee that you will love it.

Our principal (Ms. Rosa) is the nicest principal ever. Ms. Rosa is really nice; she cancels her meetings in order to know more about the kids in our school. She is doing a good job at remembering everybody’s names. And I think she is doing a great job because it is our school’s first year and there are a bunch of new students. My teacher (Ms. Noel-Bentley) always makes sure that nobody feels left out. Ms. Noel-Bentley is a professional clarinet player and she helps me when I need help in playing my clarinet. There are also other teachers with talents like Ms. Burd and Ms. Deveraux. Ms. Burd is an awesome singer. I heard she was in many choirs just like me. Today on the 17th of October 2014 in the morning after cross country, I went to Ms. Burd and asked her if she could assemble a choir team. She had a funny response and said, “I will assemble the team soon. Just keep bugging me about it.” Ms. Deveraux is a professional oboe player. On the second day of band, Ms. Deveraux brought her oboe and played the Mario Super Bros theme in front of everyone. Other teachers are talented too. In fact, everybody is talented but the thing is that I don’t know about their talent. Once again, Ms. Rosa is the BEST PRINCIPAL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo 3[1].JPG 

The furniture in our school is awesome. The bean bags are the best part in our community. Since everybody would say this everyday “you sit here everyday”. Ms. Noel-Bentley came up with the bean bag chair day, so we would get a bean bag chair and the other people whom didn’t get one would get to try something different. Today on the 17th of October 2014 during silent reading, I tried sitting under the white board. Trust me, it is a nice place to sit but it makes your bum numb after sitting there for a while. 

photo 1.JPG

We have this huge window/balcony in our community. When you come back after lunch and have this window/balcony opened, it will be very refreshing and it feels like heaven in school. It also keeps my spirit up for band because it helps to take all the worries out of my mind. Sometimes, I feel like I want to stay there for the rest of the night. The wiggly chairs are fun to sit on too. It doesn’t get boring in class because you are always going round and round. It is very fun.

photo 2.JPG

         I think that the middle school section should start going into the forest more often for nature walks. Nature walk is also relaxing; it will be fun if we have a project related to the forest. For instance, collecting leaves and writing their names. Also, we can collect the leaves that could be used in cures. If we get to go for more walks, it will be just be like the students from U-Hill. But the only thing is that we won’t have the beach near us; this is kind of sad, yet, on the bright side we have a brand new school. I would like to suggest that we should have an outdoor activity called Fun Fridays (aka F.F). This would make our school more connected to the nature. We should have more field trips and so we can connect with the outside world too. 

            photo 1[1].JPG

Therefore Norma Rose Point is a nice school. The staff is the nicest in any school I’ve ever been to. Please come visit, I guarantee your kids will love it too!


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