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November 07
Anti-Bullying / School App / Kindergarten 2018?

Anti-Bullying Info

Our October school-wide assembly focussed on anti-bullying and the grade 5 - 8 communities all had a follow-up session in each community by Ms. Rosa, school Principal.  It was an opportunity to speak to the students about being great leaders.  

In short, we spoke about:

  • The difference between Peer Conflict, Mean Behaviour and Bullying
  • The four types of bullying with examples in the school world.
  • Bullying no longer being a 9 - 3:30 affair, as experienced in the past.   It is now a 24/7 issue because of the cyber world.
  • How the online world leaves a footprint and can ultimately affect your future career.
  • What kids can do
    • Treat everyone with respect
    • What to do if you are bullied
    • Protecting yourself from cyberbullying
    • Stand Up for Others
    • Get Involved by being a leader


This Canadian site has it all, including Information for parents:

I didn't realize how much I didn't know when I clicked on Internet Slang --


We also spent time speaking about standing up to bullies.  Please watch this three minute video released just days ago by Burger King and an anti-bullying organization.  It has gone viral for good reason.

BURGER KING | Bullying Jr. (please click on link -- this video is worth watching).

Finally, I asked that students remember to never photograph, video or livestream others without their permission.  In fact, at any hockey related event, the use of the camera and live streaming is not allowed. 


School App

To sign up for messages (notifications) from your child's community, please follow these instructions:

Go to the Main Menu

Click on Contacts

Click on the name of your child's Learning Community (from the list of all the communities)

Click on the name of the Learning Community (where the teacher names are listed)

Click on the "Alerts" button at the bottom right had corner of the screen

Turn on "Notifications"

From that point on, you will receive notifications from your child's teachers with reminders from that pod only.

Entering Kindergarten Next Year?

If your child is born in 2013 and planning to attend Norma Rose Point Kindergarten, come to a meeting at 5:00pm on Nov. 15.  Bring your child(ren) age 3 and over -- a performer has been hired to entertain and some of our older students will babysit.

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