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February 18
Busy times at Maquinna

Maquinna students in Division 4, 5, 6, and 7 participated in an anti-bullying FlashMob.  The FlashMob took place at the Pacific Coliseum during a Vancouver Giants WHL hockey game.  The purpose of the FlashMob was to help raise awareness to anti-bullying.  Over 2,000 Vancouver public school students participated in the event.   The event was a huge success and the video from the TV crews that were there has just gone viral on YouTube. 2013-01-20 17.15.13.jpg

A special thank you to all the staff and parents who came along; supported and supervised the children.  In addition, a special thanks to the staff who gave up their family time (about 6 hours) on Sunday to chaperone the children and  ensure their safety, supervision and security.  Finally, a super huge thank you and acknowledgement to Mrs. Chow for not only organizing our school, but also her other school (DLG) and for being so amazingly committed, dedicated to the cause and for being a fantastic advocate for the students at Maquinna.

Please make sure you’ve seen the PAC Newsletter and the Chinese New Year Celebration advertisement that have been distributed in the past week.  Both these documents contain important information regarding our 2013 Chinese New Year festivities on Thursday, February 7th.  Come celebrate the year of the Snake.  We are so lucky and thrilled to have such a dedicated and hard-working group of volunteer parents who commit so much time into making the learning experience for children at Maquinna wonderful!

2013-02-08 14.33.32.jpg

Grade 7 students will be participating in a MDI (The Middle Years Development Instrument Survey). The purpose of the study is to understand how children during the middle childhood years think and feel about their lives both inside and outside of school.  This study is one of the first of its kind taking place in Canada. The information gathered allows researches, educators, parents, and policy makers to make decisions based on data rather than speculation. Combined with other data sources, this information helps researches learn more about the factors that impact children’s well-being and sense of competence.

As always, we are thrilled with the amount of student engagement and parent involvement with their children's learning.  We believe that students learn best, when the home and school work collaboratively to ensure the students feel connected to their community.


Peter Evans



December 01

Well, it’s been a very busy Term at Chief Maquinna.  September to December has flown by.  I have had the pleasure of reading every student’s report card, and I’m pleased with the progress most children are making.  Essentially, 30% of our students are not yet meeting expectations in either LA or Numeracy.  However, over 65% of our families are either meeting or exceeding expectations.  We are working towards having all our students improve, and fully meet expectations in all course areas. 

This week has been super busy and I’d like to pause and acknowledge my two Principals-for-the-day.  Saaya Reichel in Division 10 and Brandon Lam in Division 6 were wonderful helpers and made several important decisions- including getting hamper donations for the school to give to needy families.
On Wednesday, December 19 staff, students and parents enjoyed a lovely concert by all of our Strings Students.  Thanks to Ms. Amanda Kilburn for all her dedication and effort!  Later that day, with the snow blowing outside, parents enjoyed the first of two delightful Winter Concerts.  Congratulations to the students and staff for all your dedication with rehearsals and the staging of this seasonal delight!  A huge thank you to Ms. Arntzen for all of her amazing organizational skills and for presenting an outstanding Christmas Concert.
I would like to take this opportunity to say, “May all the Joys and Delights of this Holiday Season shine upon you and your loved ones.”  Spend time with family and friends.  May you be at peace always. 
Happy Holidays to all! 
Peter Evans
October 31
November Days Are Upon Us

The Fall has been fast-paced, active and exciting.  We have been working on our Citizenship goal as it relates to our Code of Conduct, and the results are showing.  We have tackled our literacy goal by completing school-wide assessments of students.  These assessments have driven the delivery of service model at the school and have shaped how we support all students at Maquinna.

At Maquinna we are all about being socially responsible:  Respect Yourself, Respect Others, and Respect This Place.  Every Friday, we host weekly assemblies where we usually have a virtue or theme that is promoted.  These themes generally fall under a heading such as:

Respect                         Justice/Integrity                         

Consideration                 Peacefulness/Thankfulness

Cooperation / Caring     Enthusiasm

Patience                        Responsibility/Commitment    

Creativity                       Service/Helpfulness                                                                 
In addition, Maquinna students know how they, as individuals, can be catalysts for change.  Our students have been actively involved in community service at our school: recycling, intramurals, crossing guards, buddy reading, PA announcers, music listening program, equipment monitors and playground leaders. Through their various roles, children are actively practicing their leadership skills and contributing to our school community.  We thank all of our students for their help!  I would like to acknowledge and thank the staff for providing opportunities for children in these roles and for supporting them.  Our teachers always display excellent organizational and leadership skills.
Our Cross Country team was fantastic this fall, and I want to express my sincere thanks to all the staff that organized and supported the students by coaching, assisting, and encouraging the students.  Congratulations to Ms. Lougheed and Ms. Plant for their determination and commitment to children in sport!
Our Sr. Boys Soccer team made the City Finals!  This was amazing since it’s the first time our school has entered a team in over 12 years.  The boys played well, but unfortunately were defeated.  Big thanks to Mr. Sabbagha and staff who supported the team all season.  Also, thanks to the many parent drivers for their efforts. 
I also want to acknowledge the staff and students at Maquinna who put on the best Halloween festivities that I’ve seen in over 25 years of schooling in Vancouver.  It was fun, safe, inclusive and respectful.  Thanks to Mrs. Arntzen and other staff who, along with students, planned the whole day. 
I also wanted to acknowledge the amazing community support for UNICEF.  We set a goal of raising $500 to support the building of a water- well in Africa.  Well, through the generous donations from students, we surpassed our goal by raising over $1,100.00.  WAY TO GO EVERYONE!  As part of the incentive to support this cause, staff volunteered to do whacky stunts.  Thanks to:
Mrs. Arntzen- dressing up and singing a silly song
Mrs. Lougheed- dancing Gangman style
Ms. Hutchings- spray-painting her beautiful blonde hair red, blue, green and other wild colours
Mrs. Oldings- for taking not one, but TEN pies in the face!!
Ms. Heap- for drinking blended foods that normally make all kids cringe.
Mr. Sabbagha- for shaving his head
We will also be drawing for Principal for the day honours which will happen in December.  I further want to acknowledge Mrs. Arntzen and all the staff for their wonderful work with our Remembrance Day Assembly.  This was a beautiful student centred way of acknowledging remembrance and
also giving thanks.  Well done!
Peter Evans
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