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April 16
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Recent  highlights include –  March 3, District Choral Festival at John Oliver

March 5, Library post unveiling
March 24, Ashley Spires author visit
Many in class workshops, including Artist in Residence (fabric art, Psyanky, soapstone carving) UBC Food Workshops, young Actors Project, Engineers without Borders
Gymnastics program – ongoing
Many of these special opportunities require additional parent support with cost and in-class help. The teachers at Laurier are constantly looking for ways to enrich their students’ learning by carefully selecting from among the many opportunities schools are offered. We are tremendously fortunate to have the support of parents so that we can offer these special experiences for our students. Thank you.
April 02
March News

Despite the short month, March has been busy at Laurier!
On March 5th, with much fanfare, we unveiled our freshly painted library posts. It hapost 1.pngs been a long process with the design developed last year, and the painting not completed until this spring. We were absolutely delighted to work with local artist, Mila Kostic , who generously donated many hours to work with our student painters. We were also so pleased that our grade 7 student designers who had gone on to Churchill were able to return to see their visions brought to life. With PAC support, we were able to purchase eight seats to encircle the posts, and the result is a vibrant new space for students to gather in the Library Learning Commons!
We finished the term on Friday, March 6th with a rousing performance of taiko drumming by Uzume Taiko. It is wonderful to share these experiences with our Laurier Annex community and we look forward to them joining us each time we welcome a performance to the school.
Since coming back from Spring Break, we have begun our school-wide gymnastics program, hosted author Ashley Spires, and engaged in workshops with UBC students in both engineering and agriculture. A number of classes are also involved in an ongoing series of workshops with the Young Actors Project in Schools.
Last Thursday, we welcomed 3 & 4 year olds and their parents and caregivers to our annual Ready Set Learn event. This important event provides an opportunity for young child and their parents to experience some of the fun play-based activities that will help develop learning readiness skills. We also had a number of our community partners here to speak to parents about community supports for families during the pre-school years.
To get the latest news on all our activities, please follow us on Twitter. Our handle is @LaurierMain and we post almost every day. You don’t have to be on Twitter to look at our posts. Just go to the Laurier website and look for the icon in the lower right hand corner.

March 06
Ready Set Learn - March 26, 2015 - For 3 & 4 year olds!


Is your child 3 or 4 years old?
is inviting all families with children 3 or 4 years old to visit our school
DATE: Thursday March 26th, 2015
TIME: 9:30 - 10:30 am
LOCATION: Laurier Elementary Library
Story Time
Hands-on Activities
Information for caregivers
Free storybook and hands-on materials for each family
                                              For more information and to register contact 
Laurier Elementary School at 604-713-4925. 
Caregivers should plan to stay with their child(ren) during the programs.  
Younger siblings are welcome to join.
February 27
February News

We have been very busy during the month of February!

Click on “Tweets by @LaurierMain” in the lower right-hand corner to see pictures of all these activities:
·         Grade 7 Churchill visit with VP, Dr. Andrew Schoefield
·         Div. 6 working with Artist in Residence, Colette Lisoway
·         Stop motion photography in div. 1 & 2
·         Scrap Arts music performance
·         Earthbites program – hands-on in the Laurier garden!
·         Ukelele practice with Ms. Chung
·         Literacy Activities in Div. 11
·         Science experiments in Div. 12
·         Strings students working with Mr. Lam
·         Valentine’s Day activities
·         UBC Health Sciences Fair
·         Alida Kinnie Starr performance
·         Scholastic Book Fair
·         Pink Day
Follow us on Twitter @LaurierMain to get all the latest news and pictures right away. It’s a great way to stay connected with all the activities going on at Laurier every day!
Also check out the VSB Pink Day 2015 video
Is your child 3 or 4 years old?
invites all families with children 3 or 4 years old to visit our school
February 05
January News

It seems incredible to think that we are already at the end of the first month of 2015! January has been a very busy month at Laurier with many school-wide and class events.
This month we began our Earthbites program in 10 classes. The students have been visiting our garden and learning about mason bees and their important role in pollination. In addition, every class has made a mason bee home to place in our Laurier garden this year, and participated in a honey-tasting session! The Earthbites program is off to a great start with our two instructors, Emma and Brendan. Thank you to our PAC for their generous support of this great program! Parents and guardians are warmly welcomed to participate in this program during their weekly visits.
For five days this month, our gym became the Laurier curling rink! “Rocks ‘n Rings” instructors have been teaching all our students the intricacies of this popular Canadian sport. From kindergarten to grade 7, the feedback from students and teachers alike, has been very positive! Thanks again to PAC for their financial support.
Some special class events this month have included: IMG_0017.JPG

  •  Port Metro presentations
  •  UBC Engineers without Borders
  •  Scientists In The School
  •  Snowshoeing at Mt. Seymour
  •  Dogwood Lodge visit
  •  Upcoming: Artist in Residence, Colette Lisoway, will be working with the students in Div. 6, beginning Feb. 2.
November 28
November News

Congratulations to our own Janet Fraser, Laurer parent, PAC Co-Chair, and new Vancouver School Board Trustee-Elect!

We are delighted to have the benefit of Janet's in-depth understanding of Vancouver schools in her new role as a trustee. Sadly, she will be stepping down as Laurier PAC Co-Chair, but she will have the opportunity to reach more students, parents and staff with her broader mandate as a trustee for our district.

Our recent Bhangra program was very popular with both students and staff. We also heard positive comments from many parents who came out to our Bhangra celebration performance last Friday on November 21st. Thank you for your continued willingness to support these special programs for our students.

Earlier in the month, we had our annual Remembrance Day assembly and once again, our Laurier Choir and Strings students, led by Ms. Chung and Mr. Lam respectively, provided wonderful musical selections to accompany our program. We are always pleased to have parents join us for assemblies and it was nice to see so many parents and guardians in the audience that day.
 Also this month, many classes have been going on a variety of field trips and having special class presentations. We have had an owl visit, field trips to HR MacMillan Space Centre, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. UBC engineering students recently visited a number of classes to share their expertise. Be sure to take a look at the student writing and art work on the bulletin boards around the school.
                                                                                                                             Bhangra dance performance
October 16
Kindergarten Registration is Coming Soon - What do Parents Need to Know?

Kindergarten registration gets going district wide between November and January 31 for children that will begin school the following September. The Vancouver School Board is proud to offer excellent instruction at all of our schools including a wide range of educational options for all different types of learners.

We encourage families to get to know more about your catchment school and what they have to offer your child. Registration at your English catchment school is required even if you plan to register your child in a choice program.
So how do I register?
The first step starting November 3, 2014, is to register at your English catchment school - regardless of whether you plan to send your child there.  
You can discover where your English catchment school is by going to and clicking on the “School Location Search by Street Number” link.
If your child was born outside of Canada, you need to head to the VSB District Reception and Placement Centre (DRPC) and complete the initial Kindergarten application there.
If you are planning to attend your English catchment school, you’re all done. Now you just need to get your child excited about Kindergarten.
If your English catchment school is over-subscribed by January 31st, there will be a draw for Kindergarten placements.  Students not offered a spot will be placed on an ordered wait list and provided with an alternative placement option.
What if I want to apply for a choice program?
The district offers a variety of choice programs including French Immersion, Mandarin Immersion, Fine Arts, Aboriginal Focus School, International Baccalaureate and Montessori. If you are planning to apply for Choice Program(s) you still need to register for kindergarten at your English catchment school first.  The online application process opens in mid-January and closes in early February.
There will be a district supervised draw to select applicants for the available program space.
Offers for program spaces will be made by late February. You will be given a formal offer of a space in a Kindergarten choice program or an indication of where you sit on the waitlist.
What if I want to apply for an English school in another catchment area?
If you are interested in having your child attend an English school that is not your catchment school you will need to submit a cross-boundary application. The cross-boundary process opens February 2nd.  The deadline for cross-boundary application is February 27th. If you are applying to a school outside your catchment area, it is important for you to know that your child will only be considered once all in-catchment students have been placed.
Where can I get more information or help if I run into any difficulties?
If you have any questions or need additional information about this process, you can visit If you have any troubles with the registration process or the online choice program application process, contact your English catchment school. They will be happy to walk you through the process.
September 30
Laurier Open House

THURSDAY, 9th , 2014
Time: 2:00 – 5:00 pm
Location: Laurier Library
Come to our Open House in the Laurier Library on October 8th and 9th from 2:00-5:00pm. Meet Laurier PAC Representatives & Laurier staff
VSB District Staff and Laurier Community Partners will be in attendance during our Open House.
This is wonderful opportunity to meet and speak with school, district and community staff. Get to know other parents and guardians in our Laurier Community. Please join us before or after your child's teacher conference.
August 21
August 2014 Update - Labour Dispute

​Welcome back to a new school year. I hope all our families have enjoyed a wonderful summer.

Regrettably, the current labour dispute has not yet been resolved and this situation results in uncertainty about the upcoming school year.

A letter from Superintendent Cardwell is posted on our school website. To access it, please click on the link under Publications. Parents and guardians will be updated as more information becomes available.

Parents are encouraged to keep up to date through the news media and review the information on the following websites:

  • BC Public School Employers' Association (BCPSEA):
  • BC School Trustees' Association (BCSTA):
  • BC Teachers' Federation (BCTF):
  • VancouverTeachers' Federation - local (VTF):,
  • Ministry of Education:
  • Vancouver School District: http://www/
June 26
2014 Summer Update

Dear Laurier Community,


As we end this school year, we would like to ensure that you continue to receive information on the ongoing job action. Best wishes for a relaxing summer and we look forward to starting a new year in September.


Warm regards,


To read an update from VSB Superintendent Steve Cardwell about Job Action and its impact on report cards, summer school and year end routines, click here​. For additional information on Job Action, click here.
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