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Lord Kitchener Elementary Blog > Posts > Happy Summer 2018!
July 03
Happy Summer 2018!

Keep the learning alive through fun activities that extend from everyday life.

Schedule weekly trips to the library.  Relax and enjoy perusing the collections.  New books are inspiring, even when you have lots of books at home!  Read together, but make it fun. 

Involve children in day to day, real life math:  following recipes, trip planning and budgeting, following destination maps (paper) tracking distances and times of arrival, managing personal allowances, competing to be the closest estimator of the grocery bill...​

Plan for lots of social interaction - preferably doing outside activities with peers.

Let them see you writing and the many ways you use it to communicate.

Try to have someone spends at least two minutes a day of really listening to your child, without interupting or multi-tasking.  Really give your chlld time to talk.

Encourage exploratory and imaginative play, whatever the age.  Building forts, digging in the garden or or in the sand at the beach, playing manhunt...

A safe and happy summer to all!  See you in September.

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