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December 18
Newsletter December 18, 2018

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December 18, 2018

It has been a very busy first term at Kerrisdale.  Students have experienced a variety of different learning opportunities. This term, Dance Play, was a huge success with students and staff. This was an opportunity for students to work together to create different types of dance.  We have had a number of performances visit our school, from Earth Rangers to a recycling-focused performance.  Kerrisdale has participated in a number of extra-curricular sports throughout the term.  We have had a number of camping trips already, as well as many field trips. We have experienced performances by students at Remembrance day and Orange shirt day.  We have experienced the power of giving at Kerrisdale, through our food bank campaign, Terry Fox Run and the Holiday Winter Charitable Sale.  We have also had spirit events, organized by the student council to bring our community closer.  As we conclude the end of this term, the staff would like to wish you and your families a safe and healthy break.  We look forward to working with your children next term.

Fall/Winter Weather

We are officially in the fall season, getting closer to the winter season. Therefore, we are asking students to come prepared for all of the weather we will be experiencing.  Students will be playing outside during recess and our lunch break.  Please ensure that your child has a waterproof jacket and boots if possible for our rainy Vancouver days.

Safe Arrival

To report an absence, please call 604 713 5159 school #41 prior to 9 am on the first day of the absence. Please call and leave a message for all late arrivals, absences and vacations.

 If you tell the teacher, remember to also call the safe arrival line.

The following information should be included in your message:

  • Student first and last name
  • Grade and Division
  • Indicate whether the Absence is AM or PM or All day or the # of days

Early Pickups

If you need to pick your child up early from school, please come to the office to sign your child out of the school. Thank you for your assistance with this.

Dropping off forgotten items

Parents, please visit the office to drop off forgotten homework or lunches.  This way we do not interrupt teaching time.  We can deliver things to the class at a convenient time.  Thank you for your consideration.

Talking to your child about safety.

 In speaking with your children about personal safety the following key reminders are suggested:

  1. Walk to and from school with their parent/ caregiver, friend, or a group of friends.
  2. Avoid talking with adults who are not known to them.
  3. Always tell a trusted adult, such as a parent or member of the school staff, about any unusual or suspicious activities.

Parents wishing further resources or information can visit Canadian Center for Child Protection.


Please note the city of Vancouver has contacted us to let us know that they will be sending parking enforcement officers to the school this week.  Please remember to follow the posted signs around the school for parking restrictions.  Please do not block intersections, lanes or crosswalks when dropping or picking your child up for school.  Please remember we are part of the larger Kerrisdale community, please respect our neighbours by not blocking garages with parked cars.  Please remind your children to walk to the corner and cross at the crosswalk when crossing the street to get to school.  

Student Council Food Bank Drive and Pajama Day

We would like to once again thank the student council for their commitment to the Food Bank Drive this year.  We were able to collect 39 boxes of food and $300 in donations.  The food bank actually quotes we donated 869 pounds of food.  Thank you again to the student council for organizing pajama day.  It was wonderful to see so many students participating in the day and sharing their favorite stuffies with one another. It was a very relaxed day at Kerrisdale.


Congratulations to the Kerrisdale Volleyball teams for a great season.  It was incredible seeing Kerrisdale spirit in action, both on the court and at practice.  A huge thank you to Ms. Dixon, Mme. Katy, Ms. Mehra, Mr. Couture, Ms. Tam, Mme. Peddle and Ms. Kuah for coaching and organizing our teams. 


Basketball will be starting right after the break.  Notices to participate on a team have gone out and are due back Dec. 20th.  If your child would like to join a team, please make sure that they have a signed consent.  A big thank you to the teachers that have agreed to sponsor a team.

Lost and Found

It is that time again, the end of the first term, and as such our lost and found is spilling over with unclaimed items.  If your child has lost a jacket, sweatshirt, shoes, etc. please have them visit the table outside the office all this week.  Unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the week.

FSA booklets

If your child participated in The Foundation Skills Assessment, booklets will be sent home this week with students in grade four and grade seven.  Please contact the office if your child does not bring a booklet home.  Thank you.

Scholastic Book Fair

A big thank you to Madame F for all of her work on the scholastic book fair.  Thank you to all of the students and parents that supported Kerrisdale’s scholastic book fair this year.  It was great listening to all the students excitedly speaking about great books and authors.  Thank you to all of the parents that volunteered their time to support this school initiative.

Winter Holiday Charitable Sale

Thank you to the Pac and the many, many parent volunteers that volunteered to support this great event to support the Empty stocking fund.  Thank you to everyone for donating items to for the sale.  The sale raised over $3000.00 for the Empty Stocking Fund.  Thank you to the Kerrisdale community for your generosity.  A truly memorable event.

Movie Night

We would like to thank the Pac for organizing a movie night for our community on November 27, 2018.  It was wonderful to see so many families sharing time together. 

Conservation 20

In October, a major natural gas pipeline near Prince George ruptured.  The pipeline remains in partial service and supplies to the Lower Mainland will be limited throughout this winter.  B.C. residents and businesses are being asked to conserve natural gas.  To do this the Vancouver school district is tightening our heating schedules to focus on the core teaching hours and reducing non-essential usage. We are aiming to keep all school thermostats at 20 c to help reduce natural gas use.  We are asking families to whenever possible to keep thermostats at home at 20c, try to keep heat in, by closing windows and doors, and reducing drafts.   Bundle up, and wear a sweater.  Thank you for your support.

Thermal Thursday

Thank you to the student council that has organized Thermal Thursday, for December 20.  This is a way to support Conservation 20 and celebrate the season with festive sweaters and festive accessories.

What’s happening in Div. 15

Each year, MACC student from Tecumseh, Olser and Kerrisdale Elementary spend two months on a science project, under the categories of a study, an experiment, or an innovation.  All of the hard work that the students have committed themselves to is shared in a MACC-wide science fair.  During this time, each student can share their ideas and findings.  The best of these projects are sent to Langara, where students compete in a district science fair and have a chance to progress all the way to the national competition. If students wish to continue their science fair, they can also present at the Vancouver Science Celebration, hosted by Science World at Telus World of Science. 

Upcoming Dates:

Sing a long December 21 9:40 and 11:00 am. 

Last day before the break-December 21

First day back-January 7

PAC news:

Please check the following link for the Pac newsletter​


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